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I Love You Until ... According To Your Zodiac Sign!

I Love You Until ... According To Your Zodiac Sign!

We all hear about the magic of love that transforms our lives and makes it so enjoyable. But sometimes this magic goes out and gives way to disenchantment; love then drifts away. Astrology can explain why, according to each sign of the zodiac.

Infidelity, betrayal, lying and other bad behavior can destroy the harmony of the couple; then both partners stop believing in love. What about each sign of the zodiac? For you Aries, Taurus and all the other signs of the zodiac, what makes you lose your confidence and your belief in love?

I Love You Until ... According To Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Routine, will separate us!
The God of War is the symbol of Aries. He is an endless fighter who is a challenge and a challenge, his reason to exist. Give him a goal to conquer and his interest in you will never go out. Aries likes to be surprised and does not like falling into the routine. Put activity and adventure into your life and he will never leave you.

Taurus : Broken heart, will separate us!
Taurus is known for its strength and ability to survive all the obstacles and problems of life. Its robustness is a legend. So his trust, he does not give it to anyone; We must deserve it. This native is sincere and gives himself completely and therefore becomes very sensitive. All you need is a derogatory remark about him or that you hurt him deeply so that he will turn away from you. Tip: Find a way around the problem.

Gemini: Trap, will separate us!
Gemini is governed by Hermes, the God of Intellect and Communication. As a result, this sign likes to talk and talk with his partner. Besides, he stays on good terms with you as long as you do not try to trick him. If by chance he discovers that you are playing with him, the war he will unleash against you will be endless. Gemini will use all means to take revenge and make you stupid.

Cancer: Doubt, will separate us!
Cancer likes to be surrounded and favors balance and emotional security in a relationship. He is ready for anything for his partner. However, it is enough that he doubts your love for him to separate from you. His confidence in you must be unwavering.

Leo: Deception, will separate us!
The lion considers himself the king of the planet and likes it to revolve around him. He likes compliments, honesty, so do not try to fool him or make him a fool, he will never forgive you.

Virgo: Lie, will separate us!
The native of the Virgin is dominated by Mercury; he is therefore observant and realistic. Honesty is crucial for this sign. His love will be strong as long as he trusts you; he has the lie in horror and will leave as fast as he met you if he finds out that you are lying to him.

Libra: Conflict, will separate us!
For Libra, balance and peace are paramount for a harmonious married life. He tries to create it by any means necessary. Destroy this balance and you will regret it! He will make you feel it.

Scorpio: Secret, will separate us!
Scorpio abhors falsehood and will not tolerate hidden secrets. If you want your relationship to last, choose the franchise and honesty. These are the qualities he prefers more than anything.

Sagittarius: Despair, will separate us!
The love of a Sagittarius can be powerful until he loses his optimism in the relationship. As a partner, you should be very positive and have total trust in yourself. Losing hope will make him leave. He needs to feel your positive attitude toward life to continue to love you.

Capricorn: Despair, will separate us!
Optimism is very important for Capricorn. The partner of this sign must always believe that the best is coming and that things will improve. This sign does not support people who drop and lose hope at the slightest obstacle. He will stay with you as long as you have that positive attitude that is so dear to him.

Aquarius: Bored, will separate us!
Aquarius loves everything that is unusual and eccentric. He likes to be different from others. To keep him near you, be exceptional and unique, otherwise he will get tired of you and go on a quest for other love horizons.

12-Pisces: Realism, will separate us!
The dream is the essence of Pisces life. As long as you encourage him in his dreams, he will love you. It needs your support but also to be realistic to keep it on the ground, without forcing it. Pisces needs to live at its own pace.