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Lying In A Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30-minute Walk, According To A Study

Lying In A Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30-minute Walk, According To A Study

Do you know that apart from the relaxation that comes from taking a bath, it also eliminates toxins and calories? And this in addition, without moving! This unusual tip helps to lose weight effectively. Many studies attest to this, the effects of the bath prove to be beneficial for our health and promotes our weight loss if we combine it with a balanced diet and a regular sporting activity.

Lying In A Hot Bath Burns As Many Calories As A 30-minute Walk

The bath to lose calories

According to a study from the National Center of Sports Medicine and Exercise at the University of Loughborough in the UK, we are losing about

130 calories while taking a bath of 40 °. Which would be a quick 30 minute walk. Hot water eliminating organic waste, body fat and the energy produced and spent on sweat formation would explain the loss of toxins and calories under the effect of heat in no time!

Beyond its relaxing effects that eliminate accumulated stress, taking a good hot bath can actually burn calories under the effect of heat and increases the feeling of satiety even making you forget the feeling of hunger.

By supplementing this moment of relaxation with a healthy and balanced diet and regular physical exercise, you will make a large and lasting contribution to your slimming and well-being.

Regular exposure of the body to heat can also improve our body's ability to adapt to strong temperature changes.

The effects of bathing to regulate blood sugar levels

According to The Conversation, researchers at Loughborough University have also begun to study the effects of a hot bath on controlling blood sugar, which is an integral part of the body's metabolism. It was found that the overall blood sugar level was similar among men who cycled and those who took a hot bath after practicing it. This experience highlighted the fact that the maximum blood glucose was about 10% lower in the second one hour after exercising and then bathing.

So taking a hot bath can actually have a positive effect on our metabolism because the body's exposure to heat regulates the rise in blood sugar that occurs following a meal by lowering the amount of sugar in the blood. Stabilization of the blood sugar level makes it possible to avoid developing diseases resulting from too much blood sugar, such as diabetes for example.

A study conducted in Finland in 2015 showed that men who went to the sauna frequently showed a reduced risk of heart attack or stroke. The following year, the University of Oregon concluded that regular hot baths can help lower blood pressure and help control blood sugar levels.

The important thing to remember is that taking a bath raises your body temperature, as when you play sports by allowing a natural energy expenditure while promoting the reduction of blood sugar.

However, in order to enjoy all the benefits of the bath, it is not recommended to take a hot bath. Indeed, too high a temperature disrupts the hormonal system and is harmful for the cardiac system. It can also increase the flow of blood circulation and lower blood pressure. As a general rule and in case of doubt, ask your doctor for advice because the effects of a hot bath can be risky for people with fragile health.