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Do Not Be Afraid To Lose Those Who Do Not Feel Lucky To Have You In Their Life

Do Not Be Afraid To Lose Those Who Do Not Feel Lucky To Have You In Their Life

In life, human relations can take on quite complex aspects, depending on the contexts in which they are born and the people who initiate them. These cases include those who allow themselves to harm others or who neglect the impact that their actions or words may have on them, whether through egoism or recklessness, they allow themselves to do so. to feel only people, yet special.

Do Not Be Afraid To Lose Those Who Do Not Feel Lucky To Have You In Their Life

Do not be afraid to lose someone who does not see who you really are

Do not be afraid to lose someone who does not see you even if he looks at you, who does not listen to you, even if he hears you, who does not feel lucky to have you in his life. Let those who empty you of everything that gives meaning to your life leave. While you have always been filled with joy of life, dignity and courage.

We can meet this kind of people as part of a couple, a friendship, or at the family level. Experiment with this annoying feeling of not being valued by those with whom we have close ties and one of the most frequent and devastating emotional problems. The truth is that people need to feel valued and surrounded by attention, consideration and attention.

If we live a toxic relationship with a vacuum that is not highlighted, our self-esteem can only be damaged. Knowing that reacting to such situations is not easy, because on one side, the victim is reluctant to admit the damage, while on the other side, the executioner at the origin of emptiness or lack of affection do not admit it either.

Feeling alone even while being surrounded

The human being needs to establish links with his fellow men. Family, friends, spouses, etc., are an essential pillar for our well-being. We all need to be linked to "someone". That's how we learn, as we grow as people and start in the magic of those so enriching friendships, where sooner or later we strengthen the relationship with someone for, maybe , start a family.

But unfortunately, not everyone knows how to give affection. Some do not know how to worry about it, they do not know that a relationship is a reciprocal energy game, where the main rule is "giving and giving". So, in these situations, we feel that our words and opinions are not valued. We also become more and more convinced that the person in question does not have a real interest in what happens to us, how we feel, what we think or feel.

The different types of loneliness

It is necessary to be able to differentiate the solitude chosen from the projected solitude. The first refers to this option that we all must take in order to be able to start new projects by oneself. It is therefore an act of courage that undoubtedly requires taking risks. But as the decision comes from, everything can happen if you show a certain self-control. This loneliness is also needed when our relationships with others are almost nothing but deficiencies and scorn, which is clear proof that we are not important to them, so it becomes necessary to make decisions.

The loneliness that others project on us with their emotional affective attitude is without doubt the most destructive thing that can be. Reacting in time can therefore prevent our self-esteem and self-vision from being affected.

There are people who believe they have the love they deserve

This is an obvious reality and that we have at a time when to another seen or lived in our surroundings. What happens is that little by little and without realizing it, these people give up being demanding about a relationship because they do not think they can have more, because that is that life has granted them and they must accept it.

This is of course a gross mistake, because no one deserves contempt, no one deserves to feel alone while having someone close to him. We are worthy of the most complete, the most real and the most authentic happiness, and this can be achieved with or without a partner.

So it's simple, do not be afraid, do not hesitate to let go saying goodbye to those who do not do you good, who do not like you as you deserve and who do not see you as a gift.