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Why People Over 45 Must Drink Coffee Every Day

Why People Over 45 Must Drink Coffee Every Day

Being one of the favorite drinks of many people, coffee is distinguished by its ability to satisfy everyone's tastes. Indeed, it can be light, full-bodied, or cocoa but also acid with a taste of citrus. In addition, these components make it a concentrate of energy that invigorates in the morning. But at the health level, is it good to consume regularly? Explanations.

Why People Over 45 Must Drink Coffee Every Day

Coffee is made up of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and caffeine. In general, it fights free radicals that cause many diseases, boosts the immune system, promotes memory, regulates blood sugar, reduces constipation and provides a good dose of instant energy. Similarly, given its vasoconstrictor action, coffee relieves headaches and migraines. However, since it contains caffeine, an active substance responsible for sleep disturbance, rapid heart rate, digestive disorders and even miscarriage,experts recommend that adults should consume only 400 mg of caffeine a day, or about four cups of coffee; having a caffeine content of 100 mg daily. Note that caffeine is also present in other drinks such as sodas and energy drinks. Thus, beyond this dosage, caffeine-based drinks can be harmful to health.

However, when these recommended doses are respected, it seems that coffee has even more health benefits, especially for people over 45!

Coffee and longevity

Indeed, according to a prospective cohort study carried out under the Seguimiento Universidad de Navarra (SUN) project in Spain, coffee consumption could reduce the risk of death. About 19 896 Mediterranean patients with a mean age of 37.7 years were followed for about ten years. At the beginning of the study, they all answered a questionnaire to learn more about the lifestyle of each, their consumption of coffee and their general health then they were followed for ten years on average. 

The results showed that eating four cups of coffee a day reduced the risk of all-cause death by about 64% compared to those who did not drink coffee. Scientists sought to know what parameter influenced this outcome and found a positive interaction between daily coffee consumption, reduced risk of death, and age.

In fact, people aged 45 and over, having consumed two extra cups of coffee a day, reduced their risk of death by 30% compared to others. Moreover, this association was not significant among the young participants.

Obviously, one of the authors of the study, Dr. Adela Navarro, a cardiologist at Navarre Hospital Pamplona (Spain), says the positive results of this study are mostly visible in healthy people.

It should be remembered that the consumption of four cups of coffee per day can be beneficial for the longevity of a person, as the latter does not add sugar, cream or caramel to his coffee, has a healthy, balanced diet, regular physical activity, proper hydration, good quality sleep, and no harmful substances such as tobacco and / or sodas.