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6 Popular Foods That Cause You Terrible Inflammations In The Body

6 Popular Foods That Cause You Terrible Inflammations In The Body

Chronic inflammations are widespread today, especially because of the diet that plays a predominant role in their appearance. Indeed, certain foods are prohibited to avoid suffering from inflammations, as is the case of the 6 foods listed in this article!

Basically, inflammations are immune processes that work by defending the tissues of the body that have been injured locally. Inflammation can develop a chronic character that occurs when the immune system feels permanently threatened and attacks the cells of the body. This pathology, far from being benign, is at the origin of many chronic diseases and in the long term, it can be fatal, just like the diabetes, the heart diseases, or the cancer.

6 Popular Foods That Give You Terrible Inflammations In The Body

Diet plays a key role in the development of chronic inflammation. Today, our diet is often full of condiments and inflammatory ingredients which we have listed the main and must reduce in your diet or prohibit.

Fried foods
The fact of frying food causes a phenomenon, responsible for the early aging of the body, glycation. It is a chemical reaction caused by the fixing of sugars on proteins, whether in our body or on food. Moreover, when one eats fried foods and sources of glycated proteins, the body reacts to the presence of these compounds by treating them like foreign elements and responds by the natural process of inflammation.

Processed products
These foods contain considerable amounts of preservatives, food coloring, oils, trans-fatty acids and additives such as salt, sugar or monosodium glutamate (E621), which is a flavor enhancer incriminated in various diseases. Thus, in view of the pro-inflammatory action of each of these ingredients, industrial foods damage the cells of the body, resulting in inflammation.

White bread
White bread contains a lot of carbohydrates (or refined carbohydrates) that the body quickly turns into glucose at an alarming speed, which increases the insulin level abnormally. Again, the body responds with a phenomenon of inflammation.

Cow's milk
It may seem surprising, but cow's milk is one of the most inflammatory drinks because of lactose, casein, hormones and the proteins it contains. Indeed, they have pro-inflammatory effects on the body and that is why the excessive consumption of cow's milk and milk products based on cow's milk is responsible for inflammations.

The alcohol
The body reacts very brutally to the consumption of alcohol. Indeed, he always tries to reduce blood alcohol, which releases toxins that damage the liver. And of course, again, it creates inflammation.

What to do against inflammations?

In case of inflammation or to prevent its appearance, some natural foods are to consume in view of their anti-inflammatory properties, as is the case of:

Blueberries are a source of flavonoids, antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects, which fight against the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Pineapple contains manganese, both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, but also vitamin C beneficial to the immune system and metabolism.

Green leafy vegetables (cabbage, spinach, celery, etc.) are an important source of antioxidants, reducing oxidative stress, that is to say the aggression of cells by free radicals, and combating inflammations.

Nuts contain many nutrients, all beneficial for metabolism, including vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant to fight the onset of free radicals, oxidative stress and inflammation.

Turmeric and cinnamon are recommended for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, given their content of active compounds including curcumin and cinnamaldehyde. They fight against inflammations and stimulate the immune system.

Ginger contains several active substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties including gingerols, paradols and shogaols. Thus, it reduces inflammation and related pain.

In addition, it is recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle and reduce exposure to toxins. It is also essential to indulge in regular physical activity and get plenty of sleep. Exposure to the sun is a source of vitamin D intake which, when deficient, is associated with inflammation phenomena. 

Finally, regular body massages are recommended as they reduce the occurrence of pro-inflammatory agents and pain while improving immune responses according to a study on the effects of Swedish massage on inflammation and immunity, performed by Mark H. Rapaport, Department of Psychiatry, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.