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4 Proofs That You Are In Love With Someone Who Does Not Like You In Return

4 Proofs That You Are In Love With Someone Who Does Not Like You In Return

The love encounter is often the occasion of unique feelings, an irrepressible attraction and an illusion, that of being one with the other. So, when we meet someone, we tend to idealize the present moment and those to come. Therefore, to avoid being disappointed by certain romantic fantasies, here are 4 signs that prove that you are in love, without being in return!

4 Proofs That You Are In Love With Someone Who Does Not Like You In Return

Yes, unfortunately, one-way love stories are not uncommon. On the contrary, under the influence of our love fantasies, we happen to make scenarios where the other likes us in the same way. Generally, it is a distant love, as we do not always take the initiative to approach the other, for fear of breaking this perfect scenario. But once the first step is made, it is possible to dare to confront the differences of the other and to couple with this "ideal" partner.

Thus, either the love is born in the other, or the latter warns us that he does not feel the same feelings and he does not have the same expectations in love. It's up to us to believe, to interpret but also to deceive us. Moreover, to avoid denying the evidence of a one-way love, here are 4 signs that do not deceive on the fact that it is a non-reciprocal love:

The relationship is not a priority

In order for a relationship to work and to last over time, it is essential that each partner is able to adapt to the needs of the other and the relationship. You have to be able to make room for the relationship. So, if your partner is looking for a serious relationship and feels ready to give you the place you deserve in his life, he will always be willing to give you time and be there. Otherwise, and if he only wants to enjoy being with someone to fill a certain loneliness, he will take the relationship to the background. His passions, his friends and all his entourage will pass before you. So if for you, your partner is your priority but for him, you are only an option, ask yourself the right questions. Also, do not hesitate to talk with him / her to clarify the situation.

Efforts are not shared

In the same way that it is necessary to be present for the other and to put the relation in the foreground, each loving partner must share the efforts as to the good behavior of the couple and the maintenance of the feelings of love. For example, by continuing to seduce oneself, by supporting oneself, offering oneself small gifts, saying oneself to be sweet words ... because nothing is ever acquired and above all not in love. Therefore, if you feel like the only person to make an effort or if the other is hiding behind excuses and false excuses because he does not want to save the relationship, think about what you want in a relationship.

Presentations with relatives have not been made

After a certain time of relationship, it is normal and almost fundamental to present the other to his/her family and his/her entourage. This formalizes and strengthens the relationship, as it is a proof of acceptance of the other person in his life and commitment to the couple. For example, if you have been in a relationship with someone for a long time and have not introduced you to their family, friends, or even co-workers, it is because they are not ready to make you place in her life, that she does not take your relationship seriously. Of course, some people have a hard time getting through this step, despite real feelings, so it's important to communicate about it so you do not misunderstand the intentions of the other person.

The "I" is used instead of "We"

There are signs that do not deceive the other's way of seeing the relationship. Indeed, if he uses all the time "I" while he could say "we", that he does not include you in his planning and that he does not feel the need to integrate you in his plans of future is that there is a problem. Yes, a person with sincere love desires to spend time with the other person and plans as a couple in the future because she wants him to understand that he / she is an integral part of his life.

If you notice these signs and you have a bad feeling about your relationship, start having a good discussion with your partner. However, if no compromise is possible and the situation has lasted for some time, know that sometimes you have to let go and invest in a healthier relationship.