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Psychologists Explain How To Overcome A Breakup In A Few Days

Psychologists Explain How To Overcome A Breakup In A Few Days

Here you are. The unthinkable happened, and the person you thought you could keep forever is now gone. Now, no matter what your story is - if you were prepared for it, if you saw the break-up coming, how you invested in making it work, the first days are always the hardest to live. Yet, we will have to overcome this rupture. Here are the best tips from psychologists at the University of Brighton to help you.

Under no circumstances can you go ahead after losing someone you love in a single week, but there are steps you can take to make sure that these seven days do not destroy you not and that you leave this experience with a minimum of sequelae.

Ruptures do not just kill romance, they can disrupt almost every area of your life. You no longer want to do things you love, you can not stop thinking about your ex, and you may find it incredibly difficult to focus on your work. If you're struggling to stay productive during a breakup, you'll find in this article some ways to achieve this.

It is difficult to accept that this person is no longer in your life (or at least not in the same way). Remember that it is important to go through all the stages of mourning and to heal your break up. But in this article, we will focus on the specific steps you can take to deal with your grief.

1. Turn off your phone
Start by turning off your phone. Nothing good has ever happened when someone sent a text message to his ex. No chance of redemption or explanation. It will probably be tempting, and that's why you have to move away from your phone. In these first very delicate hours, the desire to contact your ex via the phone is very strong.

2. Make your tears flow
You do not have to be Iron Man, you can cry. In fact, crying is supposed to eliminate stress hormones in the body! Plus, it lubricates the eyes. Crying is not at all a sign of weakness, but a response to stress that you should not try to remember. Everyone feels a little better after a fit of tears. Think of it as a cleaning ritual, to free yourself from all the stress that suffocates you.

3. Distraction is the key
Distraction is the key to overcoming these feelings. But it's not just about doing something passive, because your mind is going to ruminate while your body is trying to do something else. You must be fully engaged in an activity that requires mental and physical effort. Cooking, for one, is a great way to focus. Dance, too! Sometimes it is better to do activities (such as writing or painting), since expressive arts are also useful for dealing with complex emotions.

4. Talk about other things
To delve into the details of why it did not work will only keep you in the past. Instead, talk about other things with other people. Keeping the focus on the past will create a cycle of doubt, worry and rumination. It did not work. It is a fact. There is no turning back. If your ex-partner still wants you, he / she will contact you.

5. May this experience not ruin your vision of love
Maybe your ex-partner was a nice person, an attractive person, or a smart person, but that does not mean that she is the right person for you. Just because something did not work does not mean that you are doomed for life and that love will never come to your door again.
Overcome A Breakup In A Few Days