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Psychologists Reveal 9 Secrets To Be Attractive And Charismatic (It Will Attract Good People Around You)

Psychologists Reveal 9 Secrets To Be Attractive And Charismatic (It Will Attract Good People Around You)

Knowing how to attract others to oneself is an art; we are not born attractive, we become so. In addition to the physical appearance, which certainly is important, seduction requires in addition a special magnetism belonging to a particular personality of the individual. An attractive person puts all the assets they can to attract people and positive situations they want.

Psychologists Secrets To Be Attractive And Charismatic

An irresistible person does not trust his appearance; it goes beyond the physical. It privileges the contact, the relational, the fusion and the connection with others. Psychologists have established certain aspects of the personality that everyone could put forward to become attractive and charismatic.

The 9 ways to become irresistible.

1. Give a particular and singular image of you
Highlight your singularity, the aspects of your personality that make you unique and different from others. A personal touch that will make you stand out and make you irresistible. This may concern your approach, your gestures, your dress code, your hairstyle, your facial tic. Create an image outside your beauty; an image that will allow others to remember you.

2. Believe in your dreams
Set goals in your life and have the ambition to make them a reality. You will be admired for the efforts that will be made to change your life and the course of things. Make others want to take inspiration from you and read you through your dreams and not through a blank blank page devoid of any interest.

3. Have confidence in yourself
Self-confidence is an attractive attraction. Showing your independence, your freedom to act, your decision-making power is certainly attractive but the most important thing is to be aware of who you are without measuring yourself to others, without arrogance and without belittling others to appear superior. Your seduction will manifest itself in the trust you release while remaining humble and modest. Be in the being and not in the appearance.

4. Stop complaining
You can only attract others by being positive. Being pessimistic, negative, always seeing the dark side will simply drive people away from you. While life is not always rosy, but also avoid always seeing the gray side of life, be grateful and sow hope and joy around you. Make others want to be in your company.

5- Use body language
Seduction also involves body language. Yes, the body conveys the image you want to show. So avoid closed postures, straighten your back and always make direct eye contact with a smile. Make others want to open up to you.

6. Be a good speaker
Be captivating in your discussions. Being a good speaker is not always easy but it can be learned. Have the sense to introduce humor and sincerity into the story you are telling. Be clear and succinct by avoiding too many details that could annoy your interlocutors.

7. Do not look away
When you look directly at your interlocutor, you show him interest and importance, he will be flattered and will get closer to you. Avoid looking around or consulting your phone when communicating with others. Keep your eyes on others as they come to you and you will gain their trust.

8. Learn to listen to others
Many people listen to themselves but do not listen to others. To know how to listen is an art. It will simply mean that you care about others and that you give them importance; they will appreciate and feel special. Knowing how to communicate is important but knowing how to listen will lead you to more understanding of others and thus to the development of a more lucrative exchange of ideas.

 9. Use the mirror effect
Be a reflection of the person you are communicating with. For example, adopt some of her actions to get some connection with her; your interlocutor will feel at ease and on the same wavelength as you. Thus, a certain complicity and complementarity will be born between you and will encourage the other to feel more confident in your presence.

Developing your power of seduction and charisma can simply be learned. Be original, attentive, understanding, humble and captivating. Charism concerns all of us and is reflected in all areas. Whether you are a politician, an executive, an employee or a stay-at-home mom; it will always allow us to maintain the best relations with others and to feel more fulfilled in life.