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What She Puts On Her Skin, Everyone Has It At Home - But Nobody Uses It!

What She Puts On Her Skin, Everyone Has It At Home - But Nobody Uses It!

We have always had an unfortunate tendency to throw coffee grounds after drinking our coffee. Few people know its different uses, mostly unknown, to beautify the skin, participate in the beauty of the body and for many other domestic uses.

Coffee is rich in antioxidants that help fight free radicals and aging skin. The caffeine it contains is a fat burner par excellence and the grainy appearance of the coffee grounds gives it the property of an exceptional exfoliant.

Here are the different functions of the coffee grounds

1. Burn fat

The caffeine contained in coffee grounds is an anticellulite product par excellence. Moreover, several slimming products, sold in online stores, contain some.

Use: after drying the coffee grounds, you can rub it on all areas of the body, affected by cellulite. Mixed with olive oil or coconut oil, antioxidants and moisturizers, your cellulite will disappear after regular and rigorous use.

2. Remove dark circles and bags under the eyes

The caffeine contained in the coffee grounds is a real stimulant for the skin and therefore effective in reducing dark circles and bags under the eyes.
Use: mix coffee grounds with a little olive oil and put on the rings. Let stand a few minutes then rinse with fresh water.

3. Replace the makeup remover

Do you have facial makeup remover? Do not panic. Just use coffee grounds on your face by gently rubbing it. It will act as an exfoliant that will clean all impurities from the face.

4. Neutralize odors

To neutralize the unpleasant smell of your refrigerator, nothing better than the coffee grounds. Placed on a piece of paper inside your refrigerator, you will be surprised by its amazing result.

5. Revitalize the hair

Used as a mask for the hair while rubbing the scalp, the coffee grounds act as an energizer and a hair beautifer.

6. Clean the utensils

With its soft and abrasive texture, coffee grounds are defined as a very effective natural cleaning product that will clean your stoves and pans without difficulty.

7. Repel the chips

To get rid of fleas that get stuck on your pet's fur, rub the coffee grounds on the entire surface of his hair.

8. Keep ants away
Ants have very developed olfactory faculties. As a result, the smell of coffee grounds will automatically act as a repellent, if you sprinkle coffee grounds in their usual way.

9. Keep snails away
The coffee grounds also help to keep snails away from sensitive crops. Just sprinkle some coffee grounds on the ground and the snails will pass their way.

10. Fertilize plants

The coffee grounds acts as a fertilizer for plants and is an ideal ingredient in organic gardening. It is rich in nutrients, especially copper, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium; because of this, it is absorbed quickly by the earth and the plants. In addition, it has fertilizing properties and increases flowering thanks to its nutrient content

11. Prevent your cats from scratching the furniture.

To prevent your cats from scraping your furniture and breaking it down, you can put some coffee grounds around it. These little cats hate the smell of coffee and will stay away from all your favorite furniture.

12. Repel mosquitoes and wasps

If you are camping in the summer and you are afraid of being bitten by mosquitoes and wasps, rub coffee grounds on your hands and legs. This will keep insects away and your skin will be spared.