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She Puts A Tea Bag On Her Arm And Solves A Problem We All Have

She Puts A Tea Bag On Her Arm And Solves A Problem We All Have

A tea bag is usually used to be consumed as an infusion. However, it can be used in many ways. Indeed, apart from the virtues of tea itself, the effectiveness of the tea bag used is increasingly demonstrated and it is more to prove. Whether as a household cleaner or a beauty product, or as a medicinal remedy, let's discover the various uses that we can make and the benefits we can collect.

Soothe sunburn
Are you coming back from the beach with a bad sunburn? Do you want to soothe them quickly and naturally? You can very well relieve them by applying on the area concerned a bag of used black tea that you will have previously under cold water. Thanks to its refreshing and soothing virtues and the tannic acid contained in black tea, immediate effects guaranteed!

Relieve mild burns
Whether it is to soothe sunburn or even relieve mild burns, the tannic acid present in black tea will have the same calming properties! Directly apply a black tea bag soaked with a little water directly on your skin. You will notice a gradual disappearance of the discomfort and itching that can cause burns.

Remove wart
If you want to remove one or more warts, again you can take advantage of a used tea bag. By placing two cold and used tea bags one after the other 15 minutes apart on a wart, you will see it disappear after only a few days.

Eyes swollen and surrounded
Do you wear the marks of fatigue? Eyes surrounded and even swollen, you want to relieve yourself and make disappear traces? The tannic acid found in black tea will help you to solve the effects of your tiredness and make disappear the marks of your tiredness by depositing on your eyes a used bag of black tea placed before one or two days in the refrigerator.

Remove stubborn stains
True household allies, you can even use used tea bags as a household cleaner. If you have dishes to wash and the stains leftover from food are well encrusted, plunge into the sink a few used tea bags that will allow the stains to come off more easily. If you want to have glass dishes or mirrors or glass resplendent, you can also deposit tea bags in a container of warm water and pour the contents into a spray bottle that you will use to clean windows and mirrors.

Good to know

If you use used tea bags, it is because you drink them as surely at the same time. Here are some contraindications not to neglect before consuming:

- Black tea is not recommended for people who suffer from digestive diseases or constipation because of its astringent effect.

- Containing caffeine and can cause insomnia, green tea is prohibited before going to bed and is not recommended for people with severe anemia or abdominal pain and liver.

As a general rule, the consumption of tea is even discouraged at the same time as the taking of a drug and can aggravate a gastric ulcer if it is taken fasting on an empty stomach. Prefer to consume organic tea that contains no chemicals or pesticides.