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Here Is What Reveals The Shape Of Your Thumb About Your Personality

Here Is What Reveals The Shape Of Your Thumb About Your Personality

When we walk in the street, we meet a large number of people on our way. And often, without any contact with these people, we already have an idea about their personality, their social level, and sometimes even their experience. Our English-speaking friends are used to saying that you should not judge a book by its cover. How true is this expression?

Physiognomy is a method that allows its specialists to detect the hidden features of a personality through the observation of physical appearance. This art has been practiced since antiquity, and several books have evoked the subject of physiognomy. But often, we focus more on the analysis of facial features, and we forget the other parts of the body. Did you know that your fingers, and especially your thumbs, can say a lot about your personality?

Today we are going to talk to you about the 5 types of thumbs, and what they reveal about your personality.

Are you ready ? Take a good look at your thumb and read the following:

Type A: The top half of your thumb is wider than the bottom half:

If you have an A-type thumb, excellence is your motto in life! You are a very ambitious person, and you put every chance on your side to achieve your goals.

Nothing and no one can stop you from realizing your dreams, because your passion, your determination, and your will, make you that strong person and able to succeed his life.

Type B: The bottom half of your thumb is wider than the top half:

your personality

If your thumb is B-shaped, you are a realistic, pragmatic person who sees things as they are. You are calm, you trust yourself, and you are also very attentive.

You are a person who keeps his promises, and you never promise a thing you are not sure you can achieve.

You know how to appreciate the little things in life, and you do not hesitate to be grateful when someone offers you help.

All these personality traits make you, that golden person, that everyone wants to rub shoulders with.

Type C: The two halves of your thumb are the same size:

If you have a type C thumb, you are probably a person who is constantly seeking balance in his life. If you had to choose a word, it would probably be the word harmony.

You see life in pink! Even the most complicated problems of life can not take away your optimism and your joie de vivre. You know how to keep smiling even when everything goes wrong, it's what helps you overcome your problems and reach your goals.

People love you because you constantly propagate your positive energy around you, and you do everything to help your loved ones and make them happy.

Type D: Your thumb is flexible:

If your thumb is particularly flexible, you should feel happy because you are a person who has the ability to adapt to all types of situations. You soon realize that things have changed, and follow the change without fear or worry.

You have no problem admitting that you are wrong, and changing your mind when it is necessary.

Your adaptability and open-mindedness are rare qualities that make you a strong person and able to achieve your goals in life.

Type E: Your thumb is stiff, and not very flexible:

your personality

If you have a stiff, or almost immobile thumb, you are probably an authoritarian and stubborn person, and it is very difficult to change your mind.

You do not like change, you are not ready to leave your comfort zone, and you do everything to stay there.

You are also a person you can trust because you are honest and you never reveal the secrets of others.