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Science Shows Having A Sister Makes A Better Person

Science Shows Having A Sister Makes A Better Person

If you have a sister, you may still remember the crap of buns or endless arguments about the rules of this or that board game. But you also probably keep the memory of a loving and caring person. Science has proved all the influence a sister can have on the personality of other brothers and sisters.

I have a sister and we love each other. As children, we fought and we had our childhood sorrows. It's normal and we still loved each other. Science has finally confirmed that having an older or younger sister makes your life much better. So, standing ovation for the sisters and for those who support them!
Science Shows Having A Sister Makes A Better Person

Scientifically proven

The 2010 study published in The Journal of Family Psychology showed clear results on the influence of a sister in the development of the family. The purpose of the study was to examine 400 families composed of several siblings; one of them was between 10 and 14 years old. Having a sister has improved the mental health of other siblings.

The results also showed that these siblings had a greater capacity for empathy, communication and a strong desire to resolve conflicts. Laura Padilla-Walker, School Life Life professor and lead author of the study, said that despite all the bickering that can happen within the siblings, "as long as they have affection for each other , the positive will prevail ".

The impacts of siblings relations

When brothers and sisters fight, they must learn to regulate their emotions. It is a crucial skill for their future and their professional life. Even if brothers and sisters argue, an undeniable truth of life arises: with a brother or sister, life is less solitary. We will all have noticed that girls tend to talk more and they are more communicative than boys. If you have a sister, you are more likely to talk more openly about your problems in your inner circle (family and friends).

It's also good news for women. Boys who grew up with their sisters are better communicators with women in their married life. It will not be the kind of man to be locked in on himself when a problem or difficulty arises.

What remains the most interesting in the conclusions of this study is the ability of the sisters to maintain a united family even welded including after the death of parents. They form the bond within the family members.

So, despite the little snags or arguments you may have against your brothers and sisters, know that they will be with you throughout your journey in good times and bad. Keep them close to you and keep your relationship with them so that they stay strong and surrounded by love.