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Here's The Secret To Increase Memory By Over 80%, Regenerate Bones And Have Good Vision

Here's The Secret To Increase Memory By Over 80%, Regenerate Bones And Have Good Vision

This is no longer a secret, we all know how much a healthy and balanced diet associated with regular physical activity greatly affects our health, especially if this harmony lasts and lasts. Indeed, with age, certain functions such as vision, brain activity, memory or bone health, fade.

Thus, it is all the more important to maintain or start adopting dietary habits that easily help prevent or even lessen the effects of time on our body.

A healthy and balanced diet is one of the essential factors for maintaining and maintaining good health. Breaking this golden rule may ultimately prove to be harmful. Some foods, more than others, significantly promote and boost the body. If we combine all the properties and factors that benefit each, we will obtain many benefits for our health, especially when age begins to affect certain functions of the body.

So, here are 15 foods to consume to increase your memory, regenerate your bones or even improve your vision:

1. The tomato
Powerful antioxidant thanks to the presence of vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and lycopene, tomato is the fruit par excellence to fight against free radicals, compounds responsible for the premature aging of our cells and the appearance certain diseases that affect bone, brain and eye health.

2. Nuts
Hazelnuts, sources of vitamins B, E, magnesium and vegetable lipids and also known for their antioxidant power to fight against free radicals, help prevent cardiovascular disease and other diseases caused by aging.

3. Apple
Rich in fiber and antioxidants that protect the cells, the apple also contains pectin that reduces bad cholesterol in the blood. It is a source of different nutrients, including vitamin C and vitamin A, which are excellent for boosting metabolism, improving vision and relieving digestive disorders.

4. Beet
Rich in iron and folic acid with many benefits to the body, including regenerating blood cells, beetroot also contains beta-carotene to prevent vision disorders including cataracts. In addition, it improves blood flow and promotes brain function.

5. Whole grains
Known to have benefits on blood pressure and heart, whole grains, sources of fiber, magnesium, B vitamins, iron, copper, zinc and important antioxidants, reduce skin aging and oxidative stress cells, which improves memory and vision.

6. Dark chocolate
Flavanols, antioxidant molecules, cocoa that are present in chocolate stimulate and improve cognitive abilities, attention and speed of information processing while enhancing the memory capacity, especially for those for whom it is in decline.

7. Turmeric
Powerful antioxidant, turmeric helps fight against cellular aging due to free radicals. It acts as well as an anti-inflammatory on the organism as a stimulant in the regulation of cellular functions.

8. Rosemary
Rich in rosmarinic acid and antioxidants, rosemary acts to prevent aging and cardiovascular disease while stimulating the functioning of the brain and memory.

9. Eggs
The egg, rich in lutein and zeaxanthin (two antioxidants of the carotenoid family) and calcium, protect the eyes from aging while remineralizing the bones. Also containing vitamin B, it acts directly on cognitive functions and memory.

10. The Avocado
Avocado, composed of vitamin E known to protect the various tissues against free radicals, also has vitamin C that strengthens the immune system. Not to mention its mono-saturated fatty acids that positively maintain cardiovascular, ocular and cerebral health.

11. The pepper squash
Rich in beta-carotene and beta-cryptoxanthin, precursors of antioxidant vitamin A, pepper squash limits oxidative stress and free radicals, responsible for aging of our cells and long-term cognitive decline. Beta-carotene also affects certain functions of the immune system and vision.

12. Green tea
Antioxidants found in green tea are known to act directly on the alteration of lipids in the brain. It also increases the ability to concentrate and cognitive functions.

13. Onions
Known for its richness in potassium and vitamin B, onion actively contributes to the regeneration of nerve impulses, memory, vision and is a real bulwark against free radicals.

14. Fish
Containing omega-3, essential for the proper functioning of the brain, the fish is also provided with minerals and trace elements favorably involved in the nervous system.

15. Cranberry
Cranberry is known to have direct effects of protecting nerve cells. It also acts to prevent certain aging-related impairments that can have adverse effects on various motor and cognitive aspects.

Warning, some foods, spices or ingredients are not recommended or against indicated in some cases, diseases, or allergies. They can also be used for pregnancy or breastfeeding. If in doubt, always consult your doctor.
Increase Memory By Over 80%, Regenerate Bones And Have Good Vision
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