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14 Sentences That A Man Should Never Tell His Wife, Under Any Circumstances

14 Sentences That A Man Should Never Tell His Wife, Under Any Circumstances

It often happens that after a certain period of cohabitation, a routine is set up fueled by certain conflicts, prompting the spouses to hurt each other by harsh words. Some husbands or life partners simply lack the art and the way to do it.

There are sentences that are not always pleasant to hear. So gentlemen, here are, for your knowledge, the 14 sentences to never tell your wife or life partner.

14 Sentences That A Man Should Never Tell His Wife, Under Any Circumstances

1. "You do not make me happy. "
This choice of words is rather brutal especially when he wants to express something else like your dissatisfaction on some of his actions. Tell him the opposite and manifest him rather, your desire to feel happiness with her.

2. "I never thought we'd been married all this time."
By mentioning the wedding time that you spent together, you can make your wife believe that you are getting bored with her and that the time seems too long and monotonous.

3. "You have changed."
Instead of using the term "changed", you can replace it with "evolved". Over time, we tend to evolve. It is enough to communicate to one's spouse all that can disturb the happiness of the marriage and to find common solutions.

4. "The woman of ... ..help him ......"
If there is one thing that a woman hates is that she is compared to another and especially by her own husband. Such a declaration will only engulf you in an abyss of solitude that it will impose on you.

5. "If you really love me, you ......."
Such a manipulative phrase does not have to be if you really love it. Manipulation never works in a relationship and can only engender more conflict. Tell her rather than what you want her to do, really means to you.

6. "You knew how I was at the beginning of our meeting."
By using this phrase you accuse your wife to choose you as you are or let you go. If you care about her and you do not want to lose her, you can make an effort and make concessions.

7. "No. I will not go to therapy with you."
By refusing to go into couples therapy with your wife, you openly tell her that your marriage is not a priority for you. A matrimonial consultation will allow you not only to talk about negative things but also positive points to live better together.

8. "I am with you only for children."
By pronouncing this sentence you hurt your wife deep in her soul because your children exist thanks to her. At the same time your children can suffer as well.

9. "Out!"
This word is more depressing than ever for a woman who has spent so many years at your side caring for you and your children. Take a break and think peacefully about your crisis before making a mutual decision to separate.

10. "Your family is crazy."
A woman will never tolerate being insulted by her family who raised her and with whom she grew up. Respect her family as much as she respects yours. Respect is the basis of the success of any marriage.

11. "I'm not perfect."
Do not steer on a phrase like this. No one is perfect, but everyone can make an effort to change or evolve. Instead tell him that you are sorry for what you have done and you will see how changing your tone can defuse any argument.

12. "You are like ......"
Never compare your wife to another person especially if she is negative. This would be tantamount to saying that you underestimate your spouse and could hurt her to the highest degree.

13. "It does not matter."
When a woman hears this sentence when she is convinced that the problem is serious, she will understand that you are not listening to it.

14. "It's cheaper to keep you."
This sentence is to be banned from your vocabulary because it simply wants to insinuate that you give more value to the money than it. She will know that she is not your number one priority.

These councils are based on respect, the way of acting and expressing things, understanding and listening which are important factors in the success of a relationship. Moreover, some women also need to spare their husbands and avoid sharp and derogatory remarks. Take the time to list any phrases you do not like to hear, try not to repeat them. Mutual sharing of this list will strengthen you throughout your life and make your relationship stronger.