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5 Sentences That You Must Tell Your Child Every Day

5 Sentences That You Must Tell Your Child Every Day

We know how complex the child's educational process is and how difficult it is to put in place under the best conditions. The language of the parents in front of their children conveys their thoughts and their principles. The words used convey a vision of the world or even an emotional state which the child can be easily and permanently impregnated. Hence the need to pay some attention to what is said, to prevent the effects while knowing that they must be a positive aspect so as not to undermine the evolution of the child.

Verbal communication is one of the pillars that can intervene positively or even negatively depending on the way it is used and in particular with the child still residing at all levels in the early stages of learning. This one essentially refers to adults and in the first place to his parents on whom he takes attachment and example to build himself and evolve properly as a person in his own right.

5 sentences that you should say everyday to your children:

1. I love you
Saying "I love you" to a child is a phrase that does not evoke much in a child's head. It's still important to tell and demonstrate to your child how much you love him at all ages. But it must also be made clear that this is also an exchange, even if the affection develops naturally between you. So he will understand and grow with the fact that love is also a source of human exchange.

2. I am proud of you
In order for your child to evolve by maintaining a certain self-confidence, it is important to tell him that you are proud of him. Thus you will show interest to him without necessarily that it can raise a certain advance or reward. To make him understand this subtlety will allow him to progress while being fulfilled. A compliment is positive, so it is necessarily comforting for the child and actively participates in building self-confidence.

3. Try again
Your child must understand the fact that we do not succeed all the first time. And that just by trying again what the child thinks failed, there will be a clear improvement hence the importance of telling him to try again. It will evolve as well while forging itself a certain form of determination and will learn not to be discouraged. On the other hand, if he failed an exam or got bad marks, blaming him or showing him some form of anger will only cause the opposite effect.

4. I trust you
If you want to empower your child and develop confidence in him, do not hesitate to tell him that you trust him. Believing in one's abilities is a first step that will help the child become empowered. He will evolve with the desire not to disappoint you while cultivating honesty towards you and his entourage.

5. Thank you
The word "thank you" is one of the first things we teach children when they start talking. It's not just a simple act of politeness; it puts forward social values, emotions and above all reciprocity. All this implies a certain sense of pride when a child notices the positive impact that this simple word causes. This word of five letters, we repeat it several times a day, sometimes unconsciously since this mark of politeness has become a habit and a rule of well-established life. It is therefore important to transform it in the eyes of the child into a principle of life.

Speaking to one another or even to one's child can have a huge impact in the sense that there is a very close connection between thoughts, words and deeds. 

Hence the importance of knowing how to communicate and especially of knowing how to adapt to the person in front of us and in particular when it is about a child still at a crucial stage of construction of his personality and his personal evolution.
Sentences That You Must Tell Your Child Every Day