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She's Planting Forks In Her Garden For A Genius Reason! Watch Video

She's Planting Forks In Her Garden For A Genius Reason! Watch Video

More than half of the planet's population now lives in cities, with limited access to the natural world. For Europe and Latin America this figure is above 70%. Yet contact with nature has many benefits for our physical and mental health.

Gardening is a satisfying activity with many practical advantages. Your home is prettier with plants and flowers growing all around, and some flowers can even be cut and brought inside to decorate your living room or dining room.

Another practical benefit of gardening is the fresh fruits and vegetables to eat and serve to your family. When you grow your own food, you know where it comes from and what it contains. There can be no chemicals or pesticides hidden in products grown in your garden. Therefore, the flavor of these foods is better than the one you buy at the store.

Gardening is an activity that improves mental health for several reasons:

Physical Activity: Gardening is a physical exercise that allows you to move, walk, lift and lean. Physical activity stimulates your blood circulation and increases your breathing rate, bringing more oxygen to your cells.

Gardening is an activity you can do at home without having to go to the gym. Old shorts and a t-shirt are enough to move a little and breathe fresh air in the sun. This type of physical activity is a natural stress reliever and a mood booster.

Connecting with the land: Gardening connects you with the land and other living elements of the natural world. This connection can add a perspective to your human existence that improves mental health. It reminds you that we are not the center of the universe.

Reminder of life's cycle : Each season, you see your garden through the complete cycle of life from birth to death, and then it is renewed with your help the next season. Being part of this shorter life cycle can show you the purpose of completing the circle. Death and loss can turn into persistent depression that is not healthy.

Taking part in life cycle renewal can help you see death as part of a larger process that can help you overcome depression. Gardening reminds you that life is a cycle of growth and death and growth again. It can also inspire you to look for the next turning point in your life, remembering that there will be one.

Sense of accomplishment: Every day you accomplish something in gardening. Whether you're sowing seeds, weeding plants or watering flowers, you can see what you're doing with your hard work. Having a sense of accomplishment contributes to positive self-esteem.

Tips and practical tips to decorate and beautify your garden:

Mark the garden

She's planting forks in her garden for a great reason

Instead of buying stones or any other tool to mark your garden, you can use plastic forks and spoons to mark parts of your garden. You can also color them. This technique will save money and be creative and environmentally conscious.


She's planting forks in her garden for a great reason

You can also use them to beautify the garden, paint, create interesting shapes and make the garden more interesting. You can also use it to note the names of the herbs you planted.

Make a fence
Plastic dishes can also be useful. You can make attractive fences in your garden.

Protect your plants

She's planting forks in her garden for a great reason

To protect your plants from certain invaders like rodents, you can use plastic forks. What you need to do is place them strategically around the plants and flowers making sure to put the prick part up. It is an easy and convenient method that will save your plants in your garden.

Bottles to keep your flowers and plants hydrated

She's planting forks in her garden for a great reason

You can use any type of bottle you want, just fill the bottle with water, make a hole in the cap and put it upside down in the pot. The water will slowly water your plant.

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