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Warning: A Silent Killer That Every Girl Wears, Parent Must Know

Warning: A Silent Killer That Every Girl Wears, Parent Must Know

Being accustomed to wear a hair tie around your wrist to keep it under your elbow may seem harmless, but actually leaving it too long can be very dangerous for your health. Indeed, an American named Audree Kopp has made the bitter and painful experience only by keeping a few hours around the wrist a simple hair elastic. Discover the repercussions this has caused!

Audrey Kopp certainly did not suspect the risk she incurred when she found some lesions appearing prima facie not serious on her wrist. Thinking surely she was dealing with an insect or spider bite, she took the initiative to take a mild antibiotic treatment indicated in this kind of minor skin lesion. In reality, it concealed a much more worrying evil and consequences that could be harmful to his health.

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It is by noting the worsening of her injuries and the sudden and unexpected swelling of her wrist that this young woman finally decided to go to the emergency room where after having undergone several exams, she was informed that in reality, a Infectious abscess had formed on his wrist following the spread of bacteria from his elastic tie. This one, allowing the germs to become encrusted through the pores of his skin and hair follicles, caused a serious infection that could easily have developed into a septicemia, a potentially fatal blood infection.

The young woman was finally able to avoid getting there until after an intervention of drainage of the abscess but became seriously aware that an act as trivial and insignificant as the wearing of an elastic on the wrist, could have had a much more serious reach.

What is sepsis?

Sepsis is a generalized infection of the body of bacterial origin. The evolution of this infection is initially not visible but rather fast. The pathogenic germs are present in the body but no visible sign appears, hence some difficulty in diagnosing this infection.

The causes of sepsis can be many, but in the majority of cases, the origin is simply a bacterial attack caused by a simple localized cut anywhere on the body, pneumonia, or even a urinary tract infection. People with weakened immune systems are the most likely to develop sepsis.

In the case of Audrey Kopp, whose skin covered with non-pathogenic microorganisms that prevent the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms should have been the first obstacle to contamination, too tight a port of its elastic allowed the infiltration of infectious agents causing almost a sepsis that can cause death, even if it must still be remembered, this case remains very rare.

By our daily actions and our behavior, we can limit this kind of infectious risks with very simple attitudes such as the frequent washing of the hands, a daily hygiene of the body and by simply banishing the wearing of too tight elastics on the wrist.

Moreover this habit, can also cause a cut of the blood circulation which generates tingling in a first time which can go in the most serious cases and in a rather gradual way, until infarction cerebral and coronary, accidents cerebrovascular diseases, as well as ulcers or gangrene.

Wearing a simple hair elastic tie wrist, will no longer be taken lightly!