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To Speak To Oneself Is A Sign Of Superior Intelligence According To The Psychologists

To Speak To Oneself Is A Sign Of Superior Intelligence According To The Psychologists

To speak to oneself, according to the perception that one has of it, could seem completely crazy! But in reality, everyone uses this practice which in fact would bring only many benefits. This allows you to prioritize your thoughts and desires, control your emotions and it's a great way to stimulate your memory and make informed decisions!

To Speak To Oneself Is A Sign Of Superior Intelligence According To The Psychologists

Scientists from Bangor University in the United Kingdom have conducted a study which states that speaking out loud develops many cognitive benefits and that people using this practice which is at the base a deliberate reflex, may be provided with a intelligence above normal. Another study published by Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences reveals that after a selection of 72 student basketball players out of 187, these were divided into 3 groups of 24 people. Players in the first group had to encourage each other and motivate each other, and players from another group had to cultivate their thoughts by encouraging each other aloud. As a result, the latter showed more ability to concentrate while increasing their play tactics.

In fact, even though it may seem far-fetched for some, there is nothing pathetic about speaking alone out loud. But it is often the look that others can take on this practice that can be embarrassing.

Speak aloud, the benefits for the intelligence

According to psychotherapist Cécile Bouvet-Jacques, using this practice improves her concentration, manages her anxieties, becoming aware of her own thoughts in order to lead a more objective reflection.

Talking to oneself would make it easier to learn. We can clearly see this when we see children learning to do a task, even when it seems trivial, we can hear them speak out loud. Unconsciously, this helps them to perform their task and assimilate it properly. As far as we are concerned, we use the same practice, to encourage and reassure us. By doing so, we act as if someone is facing us to take on this supportive role. This allows us to appease our anxieties or our existential questions and to coax them to better control them or to free themselves from them. This process occurs even when we search for an object. Repeating the name of the said object several times aloud would help us find it more easily. Adopting this practice on a regular basis would develop our memory and reach an almost optimal efficiency.

It is understood that if speaking aloud is conducted in a positive way, we will reap only the good aspects. In the opposite case, we will only cultivate a bad mood. If we refer to the psychotherapist Lisa Ferentz, quoted by Reader's digest, exploit this habit by adopting a certain positivism can increase the benefits. Also, expressing your thoughts aloud should not become a vicious circle filled with states of souls or bad judgments. The ideal, therefore, would be to talk to ourselves with a minimum of benevolence to get the maximum of therapeutic benefits.

Another study published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology in 2015, by two psychologists - Gary Lupya and Daniel Swigley, highlights the fact that people who speak the most often loudly would be endowed with superior intelligence. The fact of adopting this practice routinely makes it possible to analyze and synthesize correctly with much greater ease and speed than average.

Speaking alone will not make us more intelligent instantly. On the other hand, a clear progressive improvement of our intellectual capacity will be felt. Not to mention our ability to think in order to make the best decisions for ourselves.