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Strong Women Prefer To Be Alone Than Waste Their Time With A Silly Guy

Strong Women Prefer To Be Alone Than Waste Their Time With A Silly Guy

The woman is the mother of humanity, the one who gives birth, who educates and who builds the child of tomorrow. She is endowed with strength and fragility that are innate at home. Moreover, this mixture of endurance and vulnerability composes her personality and makes her prefer to be alone in the company of a fool. Here are some reasons!

The strong woman of today believes in her and allows herself to advance and counterbalance all the taboos in order to affirm her existence and to move the world forward. She motivates with her determination, simply fights for what she believes and makes her dreams, her reality. The strong woman is inspiring because:

She keeps her promise
The strong woman has understood that action is more commendable than speech. She realizes with time that unfulfilled promises are the prerogative of cowardly and empty people of honesty.

She does not waste time with a man who does not deserve it
The strong woman knows she will not lose a minute of her time with a coward who will promise him castles in Spain, without ever keeping his word. She will not spend her time hoping that he will bring her out of the shadows, but she will bring her own light to her life and illuminate her path while being free and happy.

She channels her own energy
The strong woman takes advantage of her free time, channels her energy and never leaves the opportunity to a man to monopolize it. She knows what she deserves, what she deserves and will give her time to the one who really needs it, to the one who will know its true value and appreciate it for what it really is.

She is happy even alone
The strong woman does not make marriage or relationships a priority. She understood that it is sometimes important to be alone in life, in order to find oneself, to understand one's desires and to enjoy all the pleasures, free of all constraints and prohibitions. She will not let others pump her energy, which she has struggled to build.

She wants a man who makes her grow
The strong woman is open to love, without being looking for her. She does not want a one-way love but a love of sharing. She needs a man who will bounce her up and bring her up, instead of pushing him down. A man with whom she will grow and flourish.

She holds the key to success
The strong woman will never give up her plans for an ungrateful person. She knows what she wants, what she wants. His strength and independence disinhibit his fear of finding happiness. She is looking for her half but it will not be anyone because she knows she can complement herself; and that's where the key to success is.
Strong Women Prefer To Be Alone