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Sugar-free Drinks Promote Diabetes And Obesity And Slowly Kill You

Sugar-free Drinks Promote Diabetes And Obesity And Slowly Kill You

In recent years, sweeteners or zero calorie sugars have become a real trend. Industrialists add them to drinks, cakes, cookies, and even the sweetest sweets. In short, we find them everywhere. But have you ever thought that being able to eat as many delicacies as you want without gaining weight or getting diabetes is too good to be true?

Just take a look on social media, to discover the large number of Fitness pages that overwhelm the Web. But contrary to what one can imagine, these pages include more pictures of plates gourmet and enticing than bowls of cabbage soup. And this is where you ask yourself the following question: But how do these people manage to get these abs in the shape of "Chocolate Bar" while eating tons of chocolate?

So you start searching all their publications one by one, to discover their secrets, and finally you find yourself in front of a lot of advertising items in which these fitness gurus, boast the benefits of sugar without sweeteners, or these chocolate cookies that make them lose weight.

And since your ultimate dream is to be able to show yourself at the beach with a dreamlike silhouette, while eating as many treats as you like, you follow their instructions to the letter: So you get rid of all the food you have , and you replace them with "Light Products" that you consume without moderation or guilt.

If you are a fan of artificial sweeteners, you must read this:

A recent study has managed to go around the world in the space of a few weeks! This study is entitled "Why artificial sweeteners can cause diabetes and obesity: Sweeteners suspected of impacting the way the body stores fat and burns energy." It was conducted by Dr. Brian Hoffmann, Professor of Biomedical Engineering at the Wisconsin Institute of Medicine in the United States.

Indeed, Dr. Brian Hoffmann has found that while more and more people are replacing natural sugar with sweeteners, the rate of obesity and diabetes is increasing. He therefore decided to conduct this study to find out the reasons for this phenomenon, and the results are quite amazing.

How do artificial sweeteners help to cause health problems, such as diabetes or obesity?

Researcher Brian Hoffmann looked at two groups of healthy mice: The first group received a diet based on natural sugar such as glucose or fructose, while the second group was fed artificial sweetener such as aspartame or Acesulfame K. These two sweeteners are found in products such as sodas, ice creams, cereals .

After a month, Dr. Hoffmann noticed considerable changes in the metabolism of mice in the second group. The latter stored fat more easily, and had more trouble burning calories. They also had high doses of acesulfame potassium in the blood. The latter can cause an increase in insulin levels, and disrupt blood sugar.

Another study conducted by a group of 15 researchers from the Surgical Department of Harvard University Hospital in the United States also showed that mice consuming aspartame gain weight more quickly than those who eat a normal diet. Scientists have explained this weight gain by the fact that aspartame produces an amino acid called phenylalanine. The latter is known for its inhibitory action of intestinal alkaline phosphatase, an enzyme that contributes to the prevention of the metabolic syndrome, responsible for the increased risk of type 2 diabetes, and several other dysfunctions.

How to replace sweeteners?

Warning ! We are not asking you to replace your sweeteners with natural sugar. However, there are several tips you can use to limit your sugar intake. Here they are :

-Use stevia, which has a natural sweetening power but with zero calories.

-Replace sugary drinks and sodas with fresh water.

-Increase cinnamon, vanilla or sugar-free dark chocolate in your pastries, these ingredients will help to give more flavor to your cakes while avoiding you to consume sugar.

-Keep in mind that the more sugary foods you eat, the more your body will demand. So get used to reduce your consumption of sugars, you will notice that after a few weeks, you will not have those famous desires of sweetness.
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