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Tap That Point In Your Belly To Flush The Waste Into Your Colon. It Works !

Tap That Point In Your Belly To Flush The Waste Into Your Colon. It Works !

Having a lot of difficulty in evacuating the stool is something everyone has experienced at least once in their life. This condition is becoming more and more common because of the modern diet. However, you probably did not know that there is a simple point on which you can apply pressure and that will help you trigger intestinal transit. In this article discover with us what is this point!

Tap That Point In Your Belly To Flush The Waste Into Your Colon
Acupressure at the service of intestinal health

This point, which we can also call the "button", is on your body and is called "Ocean of Energy" by acupressure experts. All you need to do is measure three finger widths below the belly button.

Before you start, make sure you are near the toilet, the reason is obvious. Then, tap the designated place with your three fingers. Breathe deeply by doing this. Do not stop pressing until you feel like going to the bathroom. This can last for a minimum of 10 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes.

How does it work ?

Dr. Michael Reed Gach is an acupressure therapist and says that this point revives the body's healing process. A considerable part of the healing process is waste disposal.

Previous research has also shown that abdominal massage, like this one, leads to a cleansing process in the body, so that the intestines begin to function and peristalsis (all of the muscular contractions that push the stools) is triggered to evacuate the waste. Dr. Gach adds that in addition to causing bowel movements, the pressure of this point relieves rectal pain, digestive problems, menstrual cramps and gas.

In addition to this trick, other techniques and tips are to consider to have a healthy colon and able to evacuate the stool more easily.

Tips for evacuating waste effectively

Modern toilets require a sitting position. While in this position, the body is misplaced. For an optimal evacuation of the saddles, the body must be in squatting position. Use a small stool in your toilet where you can put your feet. This trick makes it easier to evacuate the stool.

When a person sits on the toilet for a few minutes, the thing most people usually do is push hard. However, doing this is harmful.

Push very hard your body. In addition, it can cause hemorrhoids that can be very painful. Take your time and relax.

Exercise regularly
Adults must do at least 3 hours of physical activity a week. Physical exercise stimulates the contraction of intestinal muscles. This is essential to effectively dispose of waste.

Consume fiber
In case you have persistent constipation, eating a lot of fiber is the thing you need to do. Among the richest sources of fiber, we find beans, berries, flaxseed and prunes. The fibers will make your stool retain water, making it much easier to evacuate.

Eat more green leafy vegetables
In addition to providing fiber, green leafy vegetables provide nutrients that help repair your intestines. Try to have at least one green leafy vegetable in each of your meals or as a snack.

Alfalfa, wheatgrass, Brussels sprouts, green cabbage, kale, spinach, and pea are all excellent for combating constipation.

To drink a lot of water
Your colon needs water to function properly and clean bacteria or waste. Try to have at least 13 cups of water a day if you are an adult man and nine cups of water a day if you are an adult woman. You can increase your water intake if you are doing intense exercise or if you are in a hot, dry environment.

Avoid alcohol
Try to avoid alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and spirits. They can dehydrate you and lead to constipation. This can obstruct the colon with stools difficult to pass. In addition, alcohol can suppress intestinal peristalsis and urge to go to the bathroom, making constipation more likely.

Limit dairy products
Milk and dairy products can make the symptoms of constipation worse, especially if you consume a lot of dairy products. If you suffer from constipation, but are active and drink a lot of fluids, try limiting the amount of dairy products you consume or temporarily removing them from your diet.