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Here Are The 15 Things A Man Notices First In A Woman

Here Are The 15 Things A Man Notices First In A Woman

Although appearances can be deceptive, in matters of seduction, they count enormously. Indeed, the image is the first thing we send back and it is through the latter, that we will like or not to the other. By the way, here are the 15 things a man looks for first in a woman!

15 Things A Man Notices First In A Woman

Her smile
A friendly and sincere smile is one of the most attractive things. Indeed, this touching smile offers a glimpse of the good mood of the person and his joie de vivre in everyday life, which puts the other in confidence. However, a smirk is more fleeting than anything else!

Her laugh
As with a smile, laughter conveys a sense of joy and amusement. Thus, the person puts more trust in the other, insofar as it is receptive to his jokes and therefore to communication in a general way. On the other hand, a mocking and sneaky laugh can be hurtful and nasty, which is repulsive.

Her eyes
It goes without saying that the eyes are the mirror of the soul and therefore, they reflect a lot of things about the person, including his true face. Likewise, the eyes do not lie, which is why they are a good indicator of the other's sincerity. Also note that eye contact is one of the best weapons of seduction!

Her body
Even if the personality wins, the body is still one of the things a man looks at first. Fortunately, all tastes exist and it should be remembered that to please everyone is to please anyone. So, be so unique!

Her hygiene
Personal hygiene speaks volumes about the person in front of you and about your priorities for cleanliness. Thus, poor hygiene is one of the most redhibitory things, whether in the field of seduction or in everyday life.

Her style of dress
Generally, fashion is a women's business. However, men are also very important because some clothes say a lot about the personality of the other.

Her hair
Symbol of femininity, hair is one of the seductive assets to attract a man. Moreover, even if the latter does not notice the shades of color or the difference between a classic square and a dipping square, he notices whether the hair is healthy or not.

Her sense of humor
The sense of humor attracts in that it means that the person does not take things too seriously and knows how to laugh about what surrounds them. Obviously, salacious jokes or black humor are to be kept for the moment when the relationship will be serious!

Her friends
Although you are different from the people around you, your friends show your choices of favorite personalities and offer insights into your way of being. Indeed, it is those who understand you and know you best.

Her perfume
The choice of a perfume and the preference for one or another smell makes it possible to know more about the personality of the other. For example, a sweet smell will be associated with a wise person while a strong smell will be related to a person with a strong character. In addition, this smell usually marks the spirit of the other because the seduction is also olfactory!

Her insurance
One of the things a man notices about a woman is his self-assurance, his self-confidence. It does not really mean being noisy or outgoing, but rather by being able to believe in yourself.

Her make up
Makeup is double-edged in terms of seduction. Indeed, it can repel the other when it is used in excess or on the contrary, attract it if it is applied with lightness and know-how.

Her voice
In the same way that the smell marks the spirit of a man, the voice is unique and unique to each person, which is why it is one of the things a man notices. Moreover, some men prefer a soft and melodious voice when others prefer a hoarse voice full of sensuality.

Her size
Size is one of the physical characteristics that can jeopardize the relationship (and virility) between a man and a woman. Thus, it is an important thing that the other notices in priority.

Her general attitude
Although it takes time to know a person by heart, his general attitude offers insight into his way of being and behaving. This attitude is reflected in the actions and the words in a rather immediate way and leaves a first impression, more or less good.