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8 Things You Should Never Do During Your Period

8 Things You Should Never Do During Your Period

The period is a binding time for women and not very pleasant to live for them. Apart from pelvic pain, women in general are easily exposed to the disruption it creates in their daily lives or their sleep, often resulting in irritability. Mood swings, fatigue and anxiety can also occur when hormones affect during this time.

Things You Should Never Do During Your Period

In order to overcome all the binding effects of menstruation, discover the habits or activities that you should do without during the menstrual period:

Sports activity

Because of pelvic pain, other bloating and tiredness experienced by women during their period of menstruation, some prefer not to practice to maintain a certain comfort and not increase their stomach ache. And for those who want to do just because they think they have fattened, know ladies that you are simply inflated and it is normal during menstruation.

Consume chocolate

Women during their period may feel a certain desire to consume chocolate. If you feel the urge to consume it is that your body needs to fill a deficiency of serotonin. However, eating tons of chocolate will not help you as soon as you finish your chocolate bar, you can say hello to guilt!

Eat ice cream

During menstruation, your skin is naturally fatter due to hormonal changes. Ice cream containing dairy products and being high in fat, it is not recommended to consume during the period of menstruation if you do not want to expose you to weight gain, dark circles or acne. Prefer to substitute ice cream for products without milk or added sugars.


If you're a coffee lover, go slow during your period. Coffee can increase the effects of anxiety, stress and especially irritability and can also cause sleep disturbances. In addition, caffeine tightens the blood vessels leading to dehydration that can cause headaches and other discomfort.


Of course, it is strongly discouraged to consume alcohol during your menstrual period (and not only during this period, alcohol being harmful to your health). Alcohol acts as an anticoagulant, increasing your menstrual flow and at the same time your discomfort and stomach ache. Not to mention the dehydration that can cause you.

Fast food

Like ice cream, the food you could eat at fast food is very fat, high in sugar and salt. You would be entitled to the same undesirable effects. Foods eaten at Fast Food are not really very healthy, you could expose yourself to rashes or digestive disorders, not to mention the weight gain.

Discuss various and varied topics

The menstruation is causing bad mood, some irritability and carrying boiling hormones. Therefore, it is advised to opt  for relaxation rather than disagree with someone by discussing different topics on which your do not share the same vision. Allow your menstrual period to pass in order to regain all your well-being.

Household activities

Just like physical exercise, engaging in heavy housework during your periods, would not allow you to rest properly and would not help you alleviate fatigue, stomachaches and other uncomfortable symptoms. appearing during the menstrual period.