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The Time Of Your Life When You Have Received The Least Love Is The Mental Age In Which You Stay Stuck

The Time Of Your Life When You Have Received The Least Love Is The Mental Age In Which You Stay Stuck

Have you met people who are physically 30 or 40 years old, but whose mental age is equivalent to that of a child? Are you one of those people caught in this trap? So be aware that this is a normal human trend, so do not worry. In reality, most people are stuck in this mental age where they have not received love until they learn to love each other completely.

The Time Of Your Life When You Have Received The Least Love Is The Mental Age In Which You Stay Stuck

Everyone is different because we all grew up in different circumstances. Every child has basic physical and emotional needs that, if not received at the right time, can shape the future of the child differently. Each age group has specific needs, and if at some point these needs are not addressed, the child remains trapped at that mental age while the body grows up.

0 to 1 year
During the first years of childhood, an individual needs love and tenderness, which he looks for with his mother. If she rejects the needs of her child, the child becomes anxious and afraid. He no longer trusts anyone because he is deprived of basic love at such a tender age.

2 to 4 years
After the first years, the child begins to understand things and develop self-control. He begins to walk and immediately becomes able to formulate words. If he does not receive the necessary love and attention at this stage of his life, he accumulates a sense of shame. He may also feel useless and insignificant because he is unable to meet his parents' expectations.

On the other hand, if parents and other family members are too protective, the child will never learn the lessons of life itself. He will always seek the approval of others, which could cause long-term attention disorders.

4 to 6 years
This is the moment when the child begins to evolve physically and mentally. There is an infinite number of questions at this point, with "why" about absolutely everything. During this period of his life, the child needs support and answers to his questions, interests, plans and imagination. But if the parents do not support their creativity or neglect it, then the child develops a sense of guilt.

Over time, the feeling of guilt towards any accomplished and creative work remains. Such a feeling does not allow the individual to have the courage to undertake a new project or to have the audacity to set goals. Guilt can also lead to psychopathic behavior and frigidity, whether on a personal or professional level.

7 to 17 years
Once the child enters school, he learns new things, acquires new ways of life and makes new friends. He faces competition for the first time in his life. If parents doubt their child's ability to compete with others and do not encourage it, the child develops an inferiority complex. This complex does not allow the child to trust his decisions and destroys his ability to work effectively.

How to get rid of such a trap?

If you find yourself in a similar situation, then you should look for the cause in you and give the child in you the love and support that he has always dreamed of. You are responsible for your development, have no doubt about it.

1st step: imagine that you are still a kid

You should put yourself in the shoes of a child and try to make your imagination alive and acute. Think of your childhood, your age, the clothes you wear, your appearance and the problems you once had.

2nd step: talk to your inner self

Once you have returned to childhood, talk to your inner self. You may not get all the answers, but many things will come back to you, things you have forgotten over time.

Take two pencils of different colors and write down your feelings, one for your inner self and the other for your adult self. You will eventually form a bond with your inner self and you will feel that all the scars heal.

You should understand that you are far from being alone in living a similar thing. You just have to change your mindset and start loving yourself and loving others in the same way.