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Women Love Their Best Friends More Than Their Husbands According To A Study

Women Love Their Best Friends More Than Their Husbands According To A Study

No matter who we are or where we come from, we will all have a relationship that we will value more than others in our lives. This could be a childhood friend, sibling, parent, or later, a romantic and caring partner with whom we chose to spend the rest of our lives and build a common future. For many women, it seems that this privileged place belongs to friends.

But according to a survey conducted by Spa and healthcare company Champneys, the idea that we have romantic relationships could be somewhat skewed, as it turns out that most women would actually prefer their best friends to their husbands.

Women Love Their Best Friends More Than Their Husbands According To A Study

The preference is not trivial

In fact, of the 1517 women interviewed, just over 50% said they were closer to their girlfriends than to their partner when it came to the people to whom they related the most. There were a number of reasons behind that.

The most frequent and most common reason why women preferred their platonic friend to their husbands was because they thought they could "talk about everything" with another woman. This was explained by the fact that their friends "listened more" than their husbands and that "they could tell their friends things they could not tell their partner".

A good number of responses seem to suggest that women simply spend a better time with their girlfriends, with 39% of them saying they prefer their girlfriends because "they often laughed until crying", 29% saying that "when were in the company of their girlfriends, they could really be themselves, "while a quarter of the women interviewed said" they had much more in common with their friends than with their husbands. "

As a bonus of all this, more than 40% of these women also said that their friends were better company because "they liked the same things", and 28% answered that it was because they "lavished best advice. Surprisingly, more than one in four women said their husbands did not get first because their friends were "less irritating" and nearly a fifth of respondents said their friends simply better sense of humor ".

Results that point to something in particular

A Champneys spokesperson said, "These survey results support our own sales statistics that show that all bookings made by women's groups for SPA days and weekend offerings have nearly doubled over the past year. last 12 months.

In fact, our girl-only packages for groups of six or more are among the most popular packages at Champneys SPA.

This could be simply explained by the fact that women are more likely to spend a day at the SPA than men, but the fact that these ladies come with their friends instead of their partner can be quite revealing. In addition, as other studies have shown that many women tell their best friends secrets that their husbands do not know, and it is unlikely that the lack of common interest for mud masks and messages of the feet the real cause of it.

A woman looks elsewhere for what she does not find in her relationship

These figures should not be seen as trivial or as part of a natural order of things, because on the contrary, they reveal real problems in a considerable number of couples.

So, for married men who read this, know that if you want to gain your wife's closeness and preference, be sure to listen to her more, make an effort to be interested in her hobbies and do your best to to be a little less irritating. Do not forget that it's not for nothing that the happiest couples are those where the two partners are also the best friends of each other. And nothing prevents you from spending a day with the SPA, it can only be beneficial!