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Women Need A Full Year To Recover From Childbirth Based On A Study

Women Need A Full Year To Recover From Childbirth Based On A Study

Giving birth to a baby is the best experience a mother can have. The feeling of joy and happiness is unique, as painful and painful as waiting and giving birth. A flood of emotions invades us when we look for the first time at the face of our child, we discover the person who will share, now, our life. However, it is not easy to recover from childbirth; what is the duration of recovery?

Women Need A Full Year To Recover From Childbirth According To A Study

The faculty of the body to recover is not as easy as it is allowed to pretend. All maternity literature suggests that the recovery period should not exceed 6 weeks postpartum. However a new study has changed this concept and revealed that this period must be much longer.

Actual period of recovery of a childbirth.

Dr. Julie Wray, a researcher at Salford University in England, studied this concept and for this she interviewed several women at different stages of postpartum life. She found, therefore, that the standard six-week recovery period is a pure fantasy and that the real time to recover from childbirth can be up to a full year. Anxiety, breastfeeding, and lack of sleep are factors that affect the health of both the physical and mental mother.

Physical recovery

After delivery, the woman loses about 500 milliliters of blood. Her uterus does not return to its original shape until about 4 to 8 weeks, not without pain in the vagina and perineum. Other complications can occur such as the appearance of hemorrhoids and constipation even going to urinary leakage. A feeling of exhaustion and persistent fatigue is felt throughout the recovery.

According to a report from the University of Michigan, some women experience injuries during delivery, similar to those experienced during a sporting event. This can result in muscle tears that take a lot longer to recover. The cliché of the stars who recover in a few weeks and display impeccable abs is not always the reality of all moms.

Psychic recovery

Mental recovery is as necessary as physical recovery. Many women feel the pressure to get back on their feet as quickly as possible and to return to work very quickly. Some moms experience true postpartum depression, which is important not to be taken lightly.

According to Dr.Wray, recovery must begin at the hospital. Psychic and mental preparation is done right after delivery to allow mothers to spend more time with their babies and to be assisted by nurses to provide all necessary breastfeeding advice. However, most moms leave the hospital the day after delivery, leaving the woman alone with her new responsibility and often lost. These women find themselves confronted with their new role as mothers without being prepared beforehand. This can result in a baby blues symptom that can end after a maximum of two weeks.

Unlike baby blues, which is normal and transient, postpartum depression can last from 6 months to 1 year. The result is:
  • Tiredness
  • A lasting sadness
  • A lack of interest in everyday things.

Also, Dr. Wray states that post-natal services that are more educational and better adapted to women need to be established in hospitals; relational treatment is mandatory. She believes that the six-week recovery period is pure fantasy and that moral support for moms must go beyond that period.

While physical and mental recovery is different from one woman to another, the general consensus is one year to care for the body and the mind.