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World's Greatest Psychologist Reveals 22 Rules That Will Transform Your Life Forever

World's Greatest Psychologist Reveals 22 Rules That Will Transform Your Life Forever

If there is one thing we must believe hard, it is that we must hold on to certain principles in order to better address our relationships with ourselves, others and the world around us. It's about having landmarks in life.

Dr. Mikhail Litvak is a Russian psychologist and a very popular psychotherapist. He has listed 22 life rules that are supposed to help us improve our existence and relationships with others.

World's Greatest Psychologist Reveals 22 Rules That Will Transform Your Life Forever

1 - Make sure your actions are well planned because true happiness can only be found when your life is organized and your actions well planned.

2 - A mature person discusses a situation without hesitation and deals with problems as an adult does. An immature person flees and tries to avoid his worries rather than confront them. When you are mature, you use knowledge to convert it into action.

3 - Love yourself, because you will have nothing to prove to others, while being open to accept things in a positive way.

4 - People do not eject others from their lives. It's just that some people are moving faster than others who can not keep up.

5 - Draw a picture of your dreams and write down the things you want to achieve in your life and contemplate them. What you dream of will become your reality.

6 - You spend too much time trying to please others while making yourself uncomfortable. Therefore, learn that you can not please everyone all the time and accept that you can not change others.

7 - Do not spend your precious time with a superficial person just to have company. Invest your time in a book because it's more entertaining and rewarding.

8 - Some relentlessly judge others and may even list their faults. The fact is that you can conclude that their criticism is directed to a hidden part of themselves, and not to others.

9 - The logic does not depend on the sex of the person. It is irrational to think that there is a difference between male logic and female logic. Some people are just wise and some are not.

10 - When you are a person of kind nature, you sometimes allow people to take advantage of you. You can be nice but keep some limits.

11 - Ask yourself, "What can I be proud of today? What could I do better tomorrow? ". These two questions can help you feel better about yourself and love without being dependent on anyone else.

12 - You can be your own greatest ally or your worst enemy. Because you can do more harm than anyone around you. Do not forget it.

13 - Doing research in philosophy, science, astronomy is much better for your mental well-being than poking through the lives of others.

14 - Only someone badly educated, immoral or depraved will insult you for no reason. So you should focus on your work, improve and pay attention to things that really matter rather than insults or criticism. The opinions of these people should not bother you.

15 - Do not let things or outsiders control your destiny. You must be sure that you can always control your attitude, your attention and your behavior.

16 - It can be difficult to be positive when you are depressed, but it is also an opportunity to see in yourself. You will discover things that will push you towards positivity or bring you back to negativity.

17 - Happiness is something that is in you. When you tie your happiness to external factors (like people for example), you are no longer in control of your own life.

18 - Try to put yourself in the shoes of your enemy. To see the situation from the point of view of the other is certainly very difficult, but very important.

19 - The longer you wait to change your situation for the better, the harder it will be to change it. Do not waste time waiting for things to come to you.

20 - It is good to often talk to your friends. But talking to your enemies can make you aware of your faults.

21 - If you feel alone or isolated after experiencing love, it means that you have matured spiritually. You will then become solid and productive after a while.

It is not selfish to value the relationship you have with yourself. But do not be selfish about your own happiness, share it with your friends. Seeing them happy will increase your happiness.