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Since I Saw Their Benefits, I No Longer Throw Watermelon Seeds

Since I Saw Their Benefits, I No Longer Throw Watermelon Seeds

Sweet and juicy, watermelon is the delicious fruit that evokes summer. Its flesh, refreshing and fragrant, is full of health benefits, as well as its seeds and skin! Too often forgotten, they are nevertheless rich in nourishing elements and equally deserve our attention.

What a pleasure when it's hot, to cool off by crunching in a beautiful slice of watermelon! The watermelon, with its 90% of water, quenches and hydrates the body in depth. Moreover, in the arid lands of Africa and the Kalahari Desert, watermelon has for centuries been an important source of water for humans. In addition, watermelon is full of vitamins and minerals.

Unexpected benefits of watermelon seeds
Watermelon is delicious, it's a fact. But there is often a flat at the time of the taste, it is its many glitches! The seeds of the watermelon disturb even so many people that there are now seedless varieties of watermelon ... However, they are very nutritious and it is certainly for their benefits that this fruit, whose flesh of wild forms is bitter , began to be searched for a few thousand years ago. By the way, here are some of their benefits:

They are very nutritious
If one does not count the 90% of water which it contains, the 10% that remains of the flesh of the watermelon contain a lot of vitamins and trace elements. As for pips, they are particularly rich in nutrients such as vitamins A, B and C, magnesium, calcium, iron and antioxidants.

They are good for digestion
If the flesh of the watermelon contains a lot of fiber, essential for good digestive health, the seeds contain even more! And their black skin has mild laxative properties. Thus, they help relieve bloating, intestinal gas, constipation and inflammation of the digestive system.

They promote muscle health
The skin and seeds of the watermelon contain a good amount of citrulline. Citrulline, when we consume it, is transformed by our body into arginine, a beneficial amino acid to relieve all kinds of muscle aches such as aches and cramps, promote endurance and performance during physical exertion as well as the recovery, as shown by a group of researchers from the University of Cartagena, Spain.

They detoxify the body
Thanks to their antioxidant content, including citrulline, watermelon seeds help to detoxify the body. Indeed, antioxidants play a vital role in the fight against toxins and free radicals, unstable molecules responsible for skin aging, oxidative stress and many diseases.

How to consume them?
For those who wish to take advantage of the vitamins glitches and whose presence does not bother that much, we can simply swallow them by chewing them as much as possible so that they release all their nutrients.

In the Near and Middle East and in many southern countries, pips are roasted and salted like sunflower seeds, and are therefore consumed as a healthy snack or as a salad.

And for those who do not like their taste or who find them too bitter, just wash them and dry them, then grind them. The resulting powder is nutritious and can for example be mixed with smoothies or vegetable yoghurt.

Recipe for tea with watermelon seeds:

- Infuse 40g of seed powder in 1 liter of boiling water and let stand for one hour before filtering the liquid.

- Add to this 150g mixed watermelon flesh and a tablespoon of honey then enjoy your tea with watermelon seeds.

Recipe of grilled watermelon seeds:

Ideal as a garnish for a healthy salad:

- Simply fry the pips in the oven with a little oil and season with salt and pepper.

And to garnish a delicious sweet dessert:

- Toast the seeds with coconut oil and a little brown sugar 

Since I Saw Their Benefits, I No Longer Throw Watermelon Seeds