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12 Common Insect Bites And How To Spot Each One

12 Common Insect Bites And How To Spot Each One

Summer is the season of relaxation, and long days spent under the sun, but it is also the season when insects are legion, and we poison life with their bites sometimes unavoidable. Some of these stings are more dangerous than others. This is why you must be able to detect the type of bites you suffer in order to know the actions to follow.

Some insects can cause very dangerous bites that can cause serious and sometimes life-threatening dysfunctions. That's why you need to be able to detect the type of punctures you suffer in order to determine the level of severity of your sting, and avoid any possible complications. In this article, we will introduce you to the 12 most common insect bites.

1- Ticks:
The tick has a hook that allows it to stick to the skin of its victims to feed on their blood.

When you are bitten by a tick or "lice of the woods", you will not feel it on the field! It is necessary to wait a few hours before being able to feel the itching as well as a swelling of the skin. The bite of a tick is characterized by a redness that gradually extends around a point of black or red color.

If you get stung by a tick, remove it as quickly as possible with a pair of tweezers, and disinfect the affected area before consulting your pharmacist or doctor.

2- Mosquitoes:
The mosquito bite is probably the most common of all. It is characterized by swelling and irritation of the skin, and causes an irresistible urge to scratch. But when you touch it, you will only aggravate your situation. To relieve your skin, dilute a large spoon of baking soda in filtered water, and apply the liquid on your skin with a cotton pad. Repeat the operation three times a day.

3- Wasps:
The wasp sting causes much more severe irritation than that of mosquitoes, and you will easily see some kind of small hole in the place where you have been stung. In people with allergies, these bites can cause very serious symptoms such as a malaise or an asthma attack.

4- Bees:
Even though they seem totally harmless and cute, bees can inflict painful stings on you by letting you sting them into the skin. To avoid any complications, take your courage with both hands, and remove it. Do not forget to disinfect the affected part.

5- Hornets:
Unlike bees, hornets will not leave their stingers in your skin. But their sting is much more painful and deep than those of other insects. If you notice other symptoms such as fever, a change in the color of your skin, or dizziness, see your doctor as soon as possible.

6- chips:
If you are stung by a flea, you will notice several small red dots on your skin. Because unlike other insects, fleas are not content with a single sting. If you notice that your lesions are super-infected, you should consult your doctor.

7- Red ants:
The ant sting is a little like that of the flea, it leaves on the skin a pink spot with a red dot in the middle. But unlike the flea bite, when you are stung by a red ant, you feel the pain instantly.

8- Lice:
Lice can contaminate the hair and hairy parts of the human body. They cause very strong itching, and can also sting the skin leaving a red lesion often surrounded by a bluish halo.

 9- Kick:
The horseflies cause a very painful lesion, red and swollen. They prefer that the skins of their victims are wet. So, if you are in a place inhabited by these small critters, be sure to dry your skin thoroughly after each wash.

10- Bed bugs:
These insects that often invade the bedrooms, like to feed on human blood. Their bites cause red and swollen lesions. These last often take a form of zigzag on the skin.

11- Coalflies:
The bite of the anthrax fly is very painful, it leaves a red and swollen lesion on your skin, and can transmit several diseases more or less serious. Consult your doctor if you have fever or skin ulcers.

12- Brown recluses:
Brown recluses are a kind of spider that can also bite the skin of human beings. Their bite is very painful, it causes a red lesion surrounded by a purple halo.
12 Common Insect Bites And How To Recognize Each One