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Create Your Own Garden With Flowers That Bloom At Night

Create Your Own Garden With Flowers That Bloom At Night

Nature is so mysterious and well made that it contains plants and flowers that open only at moonlight night. It is clear that the majority of these plants produce flowers with clear colors, sometimes large and often pronounced fragrances. All this provides a beautiful backdrop for your moonlight rituals in the summer.

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There is a variety of plants and flowers that bloom at night in the moonlight. All this can offer a most dazzling spectacle. If you plant these wonders of nature in your home, you can open the windows and enjoy their pleasant scent while you sleep. Many of these nocturnally blooming plants or flowers are white and give a luminous moonlight appearance. Discover some varieties that bloom at night under the glare of the moon.

Moon flower
Here is one of the flowering plants at night in the moonlight. The moon flower is an exotic plant with white flowers of the Amazon rainforests that was introduced in Europe in 1870. It releases a slightly lemony fragrance when it opens, and during the day the white flowers are tightly closed. Her name Fleur de Lune comes from the big white sheet that covers her. It is also known as Peace Lily because its whiteness is reminiscent of the white flag raised as a sign of peace.

Evening primrose

Native to North America, Evening Primrose was introduced to Europe in the 18th century. In summer, the flowers appear by bringing beautiful yellow touches mainly at dusk when they open, and diffuse a pleasant fragrance. The flowers and roots can even be consumed.

Phlox by night

The night phlox is a herbaceous plant of the family Scrofulariaceae. Originally from South Africa, this perennial plant recently introduced into cultivation in Europe opens at dusk and gives off a scent reminiscent of honey or vanilla.

Trumpet of Angels

The trumpet of angels, usually white, pink, yellow or orange, has almost no perfume during the day, but only two or three flowers are enough to embalm the garden in the evening.

Gladiolus at night
This plant is not really flowering at night, but it is at this time that the yellow flowers feel the strongest. A sweet spicy fragrance escapes pleasantly.

Queen of the night

It is often called "belle de nuit" or "moon flower" because it opens only at night. And in areas with a non-tropical climate, it can only happen once or twice a year, which makes it a rather exceptional phenomenon.

Four hours

The particular name attributed to this charming flower is due to its opening at the end of the afternoon and its closing in the morning. The trumpet-shaped flowers are tinged with a pink, red, yellow, white and sometimes bicolour color.

Lily of Casablanca

It is known for its intense fragrance in bloom at night. Its large white flowers are especially used for wedding decorations and can easily brighten up your garden.


The red or purple water lily is one of the most beautifully colored flowers in the world. The large reddish-pink flower is present with bronze-colored leaves. It blooms at the beginning of summer and opens at dusk like many other nocturnal flowers.

Jasmine at night

Jasmine at night is a shrub sought for its night bloom with a very intense scent. Throughout the summer, its many small flowers will open in the evening, and release their powerful scent of lime and jasmine to embalm the surrounding area, especially as the nights will be hot.

It seems that plants that bloom under the powerful energy of the full moon contain unsuspected powers. Collect the flowers and dry them for use in talismans or charms. Use them to dress a candle or as part of a bath to relax. Incorporate them into incense blends to help improve your intuition and wisdom.