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Here Is The Evidence That Your Man Does Not Really Like You

Here Is The Evidence That Your Man Does Not Really Like You

After the febrile and tender beginnings of a relationship where the discovery of the other often leaves hope and foreshadowing a long and beautiful relationship, it can begin to include a dimension where we have some doubts and questions about the true feelings and attachment that our partner can feel towards us. Some telltale signs of detachment can take hold, the goal being to know how to decrypt them.

Whether your relationship is old or recent, do you have the clear impression that your partner's displays of affection, soft words, or even special attentions are drying up? You perceive a certain lack of interest on his part? It can simply reveal that it does not love you or love you anymore! And often, it is quite difficult to disentangle the false from the truth to the extent that unconsciously and consciously, it can happen to us not to want to face the reality and continue to hope.

Here are 15 warning signs that clearly show that your partner does not love you or love you anymore:

1. He's always on his phone when you're together
Your partner can very well respond to some calls, messages or a quick tour on social networks. But if he is constantly on his phone and almost does not pick it up, it may simply mean that he is more interested in his phone than in your presence.

2. He only goes out with you as a last resort
You notice more and more that you go out with your partner only when his friends are not available and you often serve fifth wheel of the coach? This behavior may indicate a total disinterest of your partner towards you.

3. He's rude to you
If your partner behaves like crazy by indulging in rudeness instead of using soft words or even demonstrating his respect, it's because he does not care about you!

4. He seems to constantly devalue you
Just the fact that your partner can show some form of insensitivity to you is already a behavior that tends to devalue you. But if in addition, he never makes you compliments for the sake of mockery or ignorance, it is that your partner just does not love you!

5. He lies
If your partner allows you to lie repeatedly, unless of course it's part of a surprise, it's because he does not really feel attachment for you. To love someone is not to constantly lie to them.

6. He cheats
If you detect a semblance of deception on the part of your partner, it shows that he is not ready for exclusivity and is just looking for fun.

7. He is delaying
If you are planning activities with your partner and he is failing almost every time, he simply does not want to spend time with you.

8. He treats you in the same way as his band of friends
Although integrating a concept of friendship in a couple is positive, if you can not get from your partner an attachment that is more of a love order, it is because this one does not just not for you.

9. You have never met his parents
If you have been in a relationship for some time but your partner has not yet introduced you to his parents, it is because he does not intend to develop a long-term relationship.

10. He flirts with other girls
If you find that he constantly flirts with other girls or that he has applications like dating sites on his smartphone is that he is not ready to commit.

12. No one around him has heard of you
If he does not show a certain pride in dating you by introducing you to his entourage and his friends, it is because he does not foresee any future with you!

13. You always take the initiative to call him or send him messages
If it's always you who call or write it first without your partner ever taking the first step, rest assured that he will never take the initiative and is ready to leave you.

14. He underestimates you when you tell him about your projects
If you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about your interests or projects to your partner and he does not take you seriously, it's because they do not interest him and you too by the same opportunity !

15. You do not feel comfortable in his company
If you almost never feel comfortable because your partner always tends to devalue you by showing some disdain, it is unfortunately no interest for you.

16. Your mother feels a bad feeling
Mothers often have this little thing in addition, this instinct that almost never deceives and that allows you to guide you. If she does not feel your partner and even feels that he does not love you, listen to her, she is probably right!
Evidence That Your Man Does Not Really Like You