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6 Exercises To Remove Foot, Knee And Hip Pain

6 Exercises To Remove Foot, Knee And Hip Pain

A certain sedentarity, age or even the lack of motivation can lead to harmful consequences on our health, such as joint pain. Thus, regular exercise is essential because it helps to strengthen muscles, maintain bone density, protect the joints while improving overall posture, flexibility and resistance.

Of traumatic origin or due to a prolonged sedentary lifestyle, foot, knee and hip pain become more and more commonplace. Nowadays, we spend most of our time sitting in front of a computer screen, on public transport, in our car, in front of the television or at the table. Paradoxically, as the muscular effort decreases, the food of the modern man is more and more rich. However, our body is designed for movement and needs regular exercise to keep it fit and healthy.

We advise you 6 simple and fast exercises, to practice regularly to maintain your health and to prevent and limit foot, knee or hip pains. The purpose of physical exercises is to maintain good health, maintain cardiorespiratory function, oxygenate tissues, maintain flexible joints and preserve physical and psychological health generally.

1. Exercise by raising the heels

6 exercises to remove knee and hip foot pain

To start, grab a chair and stand behind. Lift one leg up and slowly lift the heel of the other leg until you can tiptoe. Then slowly put the heel on the floor and alternate with the other leg.
Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times. This one, done regularly, will strengthen your ankles and will work the muscles around the knee.

2. Tiptoe exercise

This simple exercise can be practiced from wherever you want, even during your daily tasks. You just have to walk on your toes, at a fairly fast pace, without relaxing your foot. This exercise will help strengthen your calves, stimulate your toes and the entire foot. Practice this exercise for 5 to 15 minutes or until you are tired.

3. Circles exercises with the ankle

To work and strengthen your ankles, you can do this sitting or standing exercise while lifting your leg. Then it is necessary to slowly turn the foot in a circular motion. Repeat this exercise a dozen times for each leg to work each ankle.

4. Resistance exercise

This exercise allows to work the muscles of the calf and those of the inner and outer thigh. Attach a resistance band around the foot of your sofa or other furniture. Then, sitting in front of the band, put one of your legs under the other, while slightly bending the knee. Insert your foot, whose leg is over it, into the resistance band. Slowly pull the tape with your foot, pulling it back. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times for each leg.

5. Toe games

To stimulate and work your toes on a daily basis, you can practice this simple exercise. Place a towel on the floor and grab it with your toes as many times as you want. You can also put small pebbles on the ground and move them in a basket only using the toes.

6. Exercise while walking on balls

6 exercises to remove knee and hip foot pain

This exercise helps to relax and work the soles of the feet. First, get a tennis ball or ball of a similar size. Sit on a chair and place your foot on the ball while stepping on it and slowly pushing the ball with the back of the foot toward the toes. Perform this exercise several times, alternating foot and back and forth.

7. Bonus exercise

6 exercises to remove knee and hip foot pain

Acupressure from traditional Chinese medicine and traditional foot massage are widely used around the world. If you often have sore feet, place both thumbs as shown on the image points (between toes 1 and 2 then 4 and 5, about 1 cm deep) and massage gently for 15 minutes to reach a relaxation fast and easy.