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15 Foods That You Can Eat Unlimitedly Without Gaining Weight

15 Foods That You Can Eat Unlimitedly Without Gaining Weight

Do you know that even if you are watching your weight you can eat particular foods without any restrictions? Quite simply, there are low-calorie foods with a high fiber content, which causes a feeling of satiety quickly and for a longer period.

In this article we present you a list of 15 foods that you can eat as you want without gaining weight!

1. Popcorn (popcorn)
Simple popcorn, which means popcorn without salt or butter, can be consumed without any limitation. It is extremely low in calories, promoting the feeling of satiety. A popcorn cup consists of only about 31 calories. (Popcorn soufflé without oil)

2. Eggplant
An eggplant portion baked in the oven or barbecue without oil contains less than 24 kcal. Therefore, you can indulge in the consumption of this tasty and particular vegetable, without any restrictions either.

3. Celery
Do you know that stalks of celery contain 95% water? They have diuretic attributes that help detoxify the body and stimulate a natural and healthy evacuation of waste.

4. Algae
The algae are filled with iodine that maintains good thyroid function. As a result, they help keep hormones in normal levels and prevent you from gaining weight. They also have a low amount of calories.

5. Melon and watermelon
100 g of melon or watermelon just contains 34 calories, which means you can eat it all the time without being afraid to take pounds. This type of fruit gives a feeling of fullness and helps to evacuate waste from the body at the same time.

6. Orange, grapefruit, and tangerine
While high consumption of fresh fruit is not really recommended for anyone trying to lose weight, citrus fruits are an exception. They contain large amounts of vitamin C, dietary fiber and flavonoids. They can improve digestive function. With these benefits, citrus also promotes the feeling of satiety.

7. Cucumber
Cucumber contains 96% water, making it an essential vegetarian option for anyone trying to lose weight. Cucumber contains a substance called beta-carotene that acts as an antioxidant and helps fight free radicals. Cucumber is also rich in flavonoids that are excellent for reducing inflammation.

8. Beet
100 g of beets contain only 19 calories. This particular vegetable is made up of many nutrients, vitamins and minerals. In addition to its low caloric intake, beets are high in fiber, which promotes satiety and weight loss.

9. Zucchini
100 g of zucchini only contain 17 calories! This vegetable is also rich in nutrients, contains virtually no fat material. It is also rich in calcium, which is perfect for bones, and contains a lot of fiber, which prevents constipation and promotes satiety.

10. Pineapple
This particular and tasty fruit could be your best ally in your battle against the extra pounds. Pineapple contains 50 kcal per 100 grams, and the bromelain it contains effectively metabolizes protein as well as body fat thus promoting body weight loss.

11. Plums and apples
100 g of apples contain about 50 calories while a 100 g portion of plums offers only 45 calories. Apples and plums provide a feeling of quick satiety and improve digestion, thanks to the large amount of fiber that they contain.

12. Berries: Cranberries, strawberries, and currants
Currants and cranberries are rich in vitamin C, and contain respectively 46 and 56 calories in 100 grams. Strawberries contain only 32 calories per 100 grams. These tasty fruits are also high in fiber and do not contribute to weight gain.

13. Cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower
One serving of cabbage contains only 7 calories, while that of cauliflower contains 50. As for broccoli, it contains only 16 calories. These vegetables are rich in vitamin C, minerals, and fiber, making them great allies for weight loss.

14. Lettuce
Lettuce contains a large amount of folic acid or vitamin B9, especially beneficial for pregnant women. It is rich in water and fiber. These improve the intestinal transit facilitating the elimination of stool and constipation. This vegetable promotes the feeling of satiety which avoids nibbling you therefore weight gain. Lettuce should be consumed without any restrictions because 100 g of lettuce contain only 15 kcal.

15. Eggs
Eggs can be eaten at any time during the day or in the evening, without the possibility of gaining weight. Obviously, boiled or poached eggs are much better than fried eggs. A hard-boiled egg contains about 80 calories and quickly gives you a feeling of satiety thanks to its high protein content.
Foods That You Can Eat Unlimitedly Without Gaining Weight