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Genius Idea: Here's How To Turn Overripe Bananas Into Fresh Bananas

Genius Idea: Here's How To Turn Overripe Bananas Into Fresh Bananas

Banana is an excellent fruit for health. Nutritional food, it acts as a natural remedy because of its medicinal properties. Discover in this article the exceptional virtues of banana and the different ways to consume it.

Did you know ? In India, bananas are considered by Hindus as the "fruit of paradise". According to them, Eve would have given Adam not an apple, but a banana! Rich in protein, vitamins, fiber, phosphorus, iron and other minerals, banana is an ally of choice to fight against fatigue, prevent diseases and maintain your digestive system. Here is a list of the five greatest benefits of banana.

Maintain a Healthy Cardiovascular System
Able to provide up to 360 milligrams of potassium, bananas are a real mine of potassium. Because of this, it is an excellent remedy for the fight against hypertension.

Protection of the digestive system
Rich in fiber, banana is a formidable ally to improve the intestinal transit. About 2.6 g of fiber is collected for a portion of 100 g. Studies have shown that eating bananas helps reduce chronic diarrhea. It would also protect the stomach from ulcers by promoting the production of mucus responsible for protecting the lining of the stomach against the devastating effect of digestive juices.

Cancer prevention
According to studies conducted by a group of universities in Japan, mature bananas greatly reduce the risk of developing cancer. This promotes the action of the immune cells responsible for the production of TNF-alfa, contained in ripe bananas and essential for fighting cancer. In addition, in a study of 61,000 women in Switzerland, bananas proved to be the most effective fruit in the prevention of kidney cancer. This would have the same effect on the risk of developing colorectal cancer in both women and men.

Energy supply
The banana is a fruit very popular with athletes because of its considerable energy input. Rich in starch, this fruit also has a high content of fructose and glucose, both energy vectors in the body. In addition, the important contribution of vitamin E tends to reinforce the antioxidant properties at the moment when the sportsman enters the phase of recovery of effort. Minerals found in bananas such as potassium and magnesium help prevent the onset of cramps, body aches and other signs of fatigue.

Have banana
Thanks to its high magnesium content, bananas significantly improve mood by promoting the transmission of nerve impulses. Vitamin B6 also plays an essential role in well-being by stimulating the production of neurotransmitters operating in the central nervous system, as well as hormones responsible for mood regulation. The recommended daily intake for people with stress is 400 to 500 mg daily.

Now that we've seen the incredible health benefits of bananas, let's see a simple and effective way to refresh your ripe bananas. For this you will need only a packet of rice, a freezer bag and a hair dryer.

Technique to restore freshness to your overripe bananas

Pour 250 g of white rice into a freezer bag and add the overripe banana. Be careful to completely empty the air from the bag, close it and let it sit for about 60 minutes. Remove the fruit from the bag and dry it with a hair dryer set in cold air for a few seconds. The result is bluffing: the banana instantly resumes its freshness. To your plates!
Turn Overripe Bananas Into Fresh Bananas