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Here's Why Kids Need To Spend More Time With Their Grandparents

Here's Why Kids Need To Spend More Time With Their Grandparents

Children need their grandparents, whom they see as the pillar and emotional bulwark they need. Spending more time with them has huge benefits.

Always considered as substitute educators, grandparents occupy an important place in the educational life of small children. They bring them not only care and affection but accompany them throughout their growth.

The free time enjoyed by grandparents allows them to assist parents and to be more present in the education of children. They seem to enjoy more free time. As a result, they are less stressed and more able to give the maximum of their affection. Let's just remember the day we went to visit them when we were kids. It was nice, comforting and reassuring.

According to an analysis of experts, grandparents hold an important role within the family and present an asset not to be neglected.

- Influence of grandparents on small children
The relationship between the two generations is not limited to comfort alone, but goes far beyond it. Children who spend a lot of time with their grandparents have different education from those who rarely or never see their ancestors.

- Respect for the elderly
Children who spend more time with their grandparents not only feel respect for them, but also for all seniors.

- Better communication
With grandparents, children know that they will never be punished and will be pampered; because they are less demanding than parents and they do not judge their nonsense in the first degree. The result is a more meaningful rapprochement, making ancestors, devoted confidants. They can tell the nonsense done, being small, or tell their love disappointment in the comforting arms of their grandmother, being teenagers. Be that as it may, the grandparents are chosen first to reveal their miseries.

- Strengthening values
Grandparents pass on family values from generation to generation. History and tradition are part of the family heritage. With photos and stories, they teach children the legacy of customs through important family events. All this strengthens the love and interest of children for their families.

- Pillar of the family
Grandparents are considered the pillar on which the whole family can lean. Symbol of stability and anchorage, they are a bulwark on which small children rest to feel supported, especially in difficult times. They know that they will be understood and helped, no matter how serious the situation.

- Listening and understanding
They are always there to listen and understand the grandchildren. A special trust reigns between them and the secrets are shared with great complicity. An open mind widens even more between the two generations, even pushing children to ask them the most relevant and audacious questions about their past life. They are simply happy with this sharing and this unconditional love that binds them.

- Family mediators
Grandparents can mediate between parents and children, especially in the event of conflict. They can thus solve certain problems and minimize the harmful consequences of certain conflicts that can go as far as separating and tearing apart a family, bringing a fair judgment and above all a calm and serenity to the family.

- Educational boundaries not to exceed
It is therefore important that children spend more time with their grandparents. However, it is important that they respect the rules imposed by the parents so as not to hinder their planned educational march. While it is important to immerse oneself in the cultural heritage, it is equally interesting to bring a new education, adapted to the modern world.

Christiane Collange, a journalist, has made it clear in her book "Sacred Grandmothers"  that today's grandparents do not go beyond the parents' role and do not have as much freedom as the grandparents of fifty years ago.

The most important thing is that they remain loving and can say "I love you" to their grandchildren.
 "Sacred Grandmothers"