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A Teacher Creates A Comfort Closet For Students Whose Parents Have Low Incomes

A Teacher Creates A Comfort Closet For Students Whose Parents Have Low Incomes

In this world of brutes, where people are obsessed with money and power, there are beautiful people who have a heart of gold, and who only feel good when they help others. This is the case of this kindergarten teacher whom we are going to talk about today. His story will warm your heart.

In a school, children from all walks of life come together to learn, and to benefit from an education and an education that allows them to build their future. Unfortunately, many factors such as family problems or poverty can negatively impact students' academic performance.

Some students whose parents do not have enough money to support themselves, especially clothing and food, can quickly lose motivation and desire to come to school. Because, when they compare themselves to their comrades, they feel a sense of embarrassment mixed with shame, and feel inferior to others without really understanding why.

It is for this reason that several associations work to help the most deprived, and fight against social differences. However, despite all the efforts that these organizations provide, the number of children living in precarious situations remains high. The idea that this kindergarten teacher has had will inspire thousands of people around the world. Read his story.

An ingenious idea

Last February, a user of the US version of the Reddit platform, a community website where members share links and stories, published an article in which he talks about the efforts his wife, a teacher in a kindergarten, is providing. to help children whose parents have low incomes.

Indeed, the teachers of the nursery school where his wife works have come together to create a sort of closet, in which they store basic hygiene products, as well as clothes for the poorest children. This closet has been named "Closet Comforts", and students whose parents have a low income, can come to get as much hygiene products, and clothes as they want.

According to the editor of the post, the cupboard contains clothes, and several types of hygiene products such as: cleansing gels, shampoos, deodorants, toothpastes, toothbrushes, as well as some feminine hygiene products . These products are bought by teachers and some parents of students who have decided to help them in this very good initiative.

The article posted on Reddit went around the web, and managed to elicit the reactions of a large number of Internet users. Some said they had similar cupboards in their schools, others asked if they too could participate in this project by donating money, and some people even wrote very moving testimonials, such as this answer sent by one of the users of the platform:

"Having lived without a fixed home from the age of 11 until I was 17, I missed my classes very often because I only had two pants and two T-shirts. It was embarrassing for me to come every day with the same clothes at school. I am happy to see this kind of project that will help children whose parents have low incomes. I have gone through the same thing, and I can tell you, that even though it may not seem like much to you, you do not know how grateful these little children will be when you help them that way. "

How could you help to help poor children?

Even if you have been out of school for a long time, even if you do not work in the field of education, you too can draw the smile on the faces of these poor children. Here are some tips to follow:

- Go to schools and associations and ask them how you can help them.

- Do not waste: Instead of buying useless things that you probably will not use, consider helping a poor family.

- Set up a kitty where you will collect money for poor children.

- Educate people around you, and try to explain to them how difficult it is for a child to live in precariousness.

- From an early age, teach your children to help others, and not to try to be superior to their peers who do not have the same privileges as them.
A Kindergarten Teacher Creates A Comfort Closet For Students Whose Parents Have Low Incomes