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She Puts Mustard In The Bath. When She Touches Her Skin, She Can Not Imagine The Result

She Puts Mustard In The Bath. When She Touches Her Skin, She Can Not Imagine The Result

The term "mustard" appeared in the language of Molière at the beginning of the 8th century and comes from "must" in reference to the fact that at the time, the grains of this condiment were ground with wine must in order to reduce the pungency. The city of Dijon is also today considered the world capital of mustard. But it turns out that besides being a condiment occupying a place of choice in the contemporary kitchen, it contains unsuspected benefits for our body.

Relieves cramps
When cramps come from a deficiency of calcium, magnesium or potassium, the application of mustard can help effectively against this kind of muscle problems given that it contains each of these nutrients in quite a large quantity.

For this, you must mix a teaspoon of mustard seeds and a cup of boiling water and let them infuse a few minutes. Then take a fabric that will need to be soaked with this mixture and apply it on the area that hurts. Otherwise, you can put special mustard bath in your bath with a little Epsom salt. This will relax your muscles and fade the pain.

Relieves burns
If you have a superficial burn, run cool water over it and cover the entire area with a layer of yellow mustard. Not only will this prevent blisters from appearing, but it will lessen the burning pain. One such thing is that mustard contains compound isothiocyanate, which acts as a powerful counter-irritant soothing your burn and helping it to heal in no time if you do not keep it for long. contact with your skin.

Soothes sore throat
To do this, mix 1 tablespoon of mustard seeds, the juice of one half of lemon, 1 tablespoon of salt and a quart of glass of boiling water. Allow the mixture to rest for a few minutes to cool slightly, then add 1 tablespoon of white honey and gargle to calm the pain. This effect is due to the same counter-irritant used to treat burns: isothiocyanate.

Helps fight cancer
According to a study conducted by the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in the United States, the isothiocyanate compound (ATIC) found in mustard has proven effective in the radical inhibition of the growth of cancer cells, especially bladder cancer. And according to a study conducted by Dr. Joseph Mercola, a higher intake of selenium, contained among other things in mustard, is a formidable weapon against cancer.

Eliminates muscle fatigue
For general fatigue, go for a bath infused with mustard. Mix 2 tablespoons mustard with 1 tablespoon Epsom salt. Mustard will actually boost the therapeutic properties of Epsom salt, resulting in relaxed muscles.

Effectively improves hair health
Mustard oil works wonders as a hair care because of its richness in zinc, vitamins A and E. Mix some mustard oil and a little coconut oil or castor oil (excellent for hair in perfect health) then apply them on all of your hair. Let stand for eight hours. If you choose to let it work while you sleep, do not forget to put on a shower cap to keep the oil in your hair. The next morning, wash your hair, they will be silky and soft.

Decongest the respiratory tract
Mustard can help with colds thanks to sinigrin and myrosine, components that are known to thin the mucus and facilitate its evacuation. Simply crush the equivalent of a tablespoon of mustard seeds and mix with a cup of wheat flour, then add a little water. Put a gauze on your chest and put on the mixture, then cover with another gauze. Leave for a quarter of an hour. You can also put mustard seeds in your bath water.

Although mustard is full of benefits, people who are allergic to it must avoid it. Knowing that excessive consumption can cause bleeding in the intestinal mucosa as well as gastric irritation.
She Puts Mustard In The Bath