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Do Not Eat Cucumbers And Tomatoes Together

Do Not Eat Cucumbers And Tomatoes Together

Salads are among the healthiest meals and are very popular especially in hot weather. Most people think that making a salad means mixing ingredients randomly. However, some ingredients can cause health problems if they are eaten together, such as cucumbers and tomatoes!

The combination of tomato and cucumber

Tomatoes and cucumbers have different digestion times, cucumbers digest quickly, tomatoes digest more slowly, so we need to avoid mixing them together.

Combining foods that have different digestion times (slow and fast) increases the risk of getting the lightest food into the intestine while the other food is already completely digested, resulting in slow digestion and fermentation. sugars and starches in the stomach, causing gas, bloating and pain in the abdominal area.

Aside from cucumbers and tomatoes that are not a good duo, here are other additional foods that should never be combined if you want to avoid health problems:

Eat fruits after meals
Fruits require a lot of digestion time and should never stay long in the stomach. Eating them right after a meal can cause fermentation in your stomach. This will eventually lead to digestive problems such as acid reflux.

Coffee and milk
Although coffee with milk is a very common combination and consumed by many people, it is not very healthy for your body. Indeed, coffee prevents the digestion of milk, which slows down the digestion of these two liquids: to avoid for people who have a sensitive digestive system.

Cheese macaroni
Although it is a popular combination, it should be avoided at all costs. Macaroni contain starch which has a digestion time different from that of the proteins contained in the cheese. This leads to an inevitable fermentation as well as digestive problems.

Bread / noodles and orange juice
The acid content of the orange juice will destroy the enzyme responsible for digesting the starch in the bread or noodles, which will cause digestive problems.

Melon and watermelon
These fruits are meant to be consumed alone, not in combination with other fruits. Since they are 97% water, they digest quickly unlike other sweet or sour fruits. Eating melons or watermelons with other fruits will cause slow digestion.

Meat and cheese
This delicious combination should also be avoided because it contains too much protein for a single dish, which is difficult to digest for the stomach.

Bananas and milk
The combination of bananas and milk will significantly slow down your digestion, which is bad news if you are a person trying to lose extra weight.

Fruits and yoghurt
This combination should also be avoided at all costs. This mixture will result in slowed down digestion and will harm the intestinal flora, and in some cases by food poisoning. Yogurt contains bacteria that act on the sugar present in the fruit which creates toxins, and even allergies. It is better to mix non-flavored yogurt with honey, cinnamon instead of fresh fruit.

Beer and hamburger
During the digestion of these two foods, the body will start by breaking down the alcohol first, which it recognizes as a toxin, allowing the burger's fat to circulate in the blood. This also leads to slower digestion and bloating. It's an unhealthy food combination. That said, alcohol is harmful to health, it is recommended to avoid it.

Spinach and cheese
Spinach contains a substance called oxalate, which prevents the body from absorbing calcium. This is why it is best to avoid combining spinach with cheese or other dairy products.
Do Not Eat Cucumbers And Tomatoes Together