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Orthopedic Surgeon Warns About Wearing Ugg Boots

Orthopedic Surgeon Warns About Wearing Ugg Boots

Sheepskin soft boots have been a success in recent years. However, these wooly and comfortable boots that women wear especially to keep their feet warm during the colder months, may be detrimental to their bodies, according to experts.

Orthopedic surgeon Ian McDermott warned against wearing soft boots of the Ugg style, saying they lack support for the lower leg if people buy the wrong size.

What is the danger of soft boots?

According to the same surgeon, the constant use of these boots can cause heel wear, which can flatten the arch of the foot that is necessary for the maintenance of good posture. These boots when worn daily can result in "premature wear of the joint".

If these boots are worn for a long time, this can have a negative impact on your posture, sometimes resulting in cartilage damage due to a "knee-knocking" effect, which is an outward deviation from the body. knee axis with ankles apart.

It's not just the Ugg boots that are concerned, this warning refers to any type of "soft" boots that do not offer your feet the support they need. In addition to knee pain, the wrong kind of shoes or boots can cause back pain.

According to surgeon McDermott, in case of pain, one must examine the knee with x-rays and an MRI to check exactly what is happening inside the joint. According to him, the longer these boots are worn, the more damage can be significant and difficult to repair.

Unstripped and soft shoes may mean that your feet are not held while you walk, which means the lower limbs are working harder, with a greater risk of injury.

A worsening of posture problems
According to McDermott, it is absolutely essential to find shoes that provide the correct support for the soles of the feet, and the necessary comfort.

Although sheepskin boots may appear to be the first choice in cold weather, it's a good idea to opt for a pair of boots with better support for the soles of the feet.

The problem of walking with shoes that do not support your feet properly is that your knees are likely to carry your weight unevenly. This then tends to increase the external rotation and valgus (outward deviation) of the tibia, causing a knee-like posture.

This then enlarges what is called the "Q-angle" in the knee, which means that more weight is put on the outer side of the knee and more tension on the inner side. It also exacerbates lateral patellar malformations, where the patella is more rubbed on the outer side of the knee, causing knee pain, and ultimately, increased wear of articular cartilage from the back of the patella.

According to McDermott, if you are born with posture problems, such as naturally flat feet or hypermobile ankles, then you may be more affected.

Have a shoe at your feet
Paul Argent, a biomechanic with the Human Movement's Chronic Injury Recovery Program, said shoes affect the body far more than most people think. Feet are designed to support your weight by walking or running. Footwear can change the way your body interacts with the ground, causing you to walk in a way that exerts higher force on particular joints such as the knee.

The expert also advised to pay attention to the shape and support your shoes provide you, as this may be the key to avoiding pain and injury.

A spokesman for UGG, one of the big producers of soft boots, seems to have another opinion, and said the classic sheepskin boot offers a complete experience of warmth, comfort and flexibility. It's lighter for better wear resistance and offers innovative enhancements, such as Treadlite technology for increased grip, durability and cushioning. He also encouraged clients to ensure proper foot size for maximum comfort.

Finally, who should we listen to? The opinion of the experts or that of the producers of flexible boots? Do not hesitate to express your opinion!
Orthopedic Surgeon Warns About Wearing Ugg Boots