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That's Why You Have To Put Each Evening Two Lemon Slices Next To Your Bed

That's Why You Have To Put Each Evening Two Lemon Slices Next To Your Bed

Lemon is a fruit with an extraordinary flavor. It is one of the basic ingredients of many delicious dishes, however, its abilities go far beyond the culinary world, because this yellow or green fruit has more benefits than you think.

If you thought that lemon can only be used to add delicious flavor to the food or simply to cool off, you are wrong. In this article we will show you the benefits you can enjoy if you put lemon slices next to your bed. You will be surprised!

Reasons to put lemon slices next to your bed

1. Improve concentration
The smell of lemon can improve your mental performance and boost your memory, it increases your concentration.

2. Help to sleep easily
If you suffer from insomnia and your brain spends the night trying to solve the problems of tomorrow, putting a slice of lemon on your bedside table will improve your breathing. This will help you get better rest and therefore and fall into the arms of Morpheus easily.

According to psychologists, to enjoy a good night's rest, it is necessary to perform some key activities, such as focusing on positive things or doing relaxation exercises, which will lead to an atmosphere conducive to rest.

3. Stress relief
The smell of citrus helps our brain relax. The consequences of stress and anxiety that accumulate throughout the day usually appear when we lie down to rest and try to escape the problems we have faced during the day.

In one study, the technical research center of the Japanese flavor and fragrance company T. Hasegawa gave stressed laboratory rats linalool, a component of lemon. Linalool has reduced high levels of neutrophils and lymphocytes, key components of the immune system, to levels close to normal. It has also reduced the activity of more than 100 genes that are overloaded during stress.

The researchers say their findings could form the basis for new blood tests to identify anti-stress fragrances. At the Institute of Pharmacology in Tübingen, Germany, mice that became active after exposure to rosemary and dwarf pine oils were calmed with melissa and valerian oils. This shows the effect of odors on living organisms.

4. Reduce blood pressure
The smell of lemon reduces the pressure of the arteries since it provides a relaxing effect. Taking into account that hypertension is one of the most prevalent diseases in our society. In France, more than 10 million people suffer from hypertension. It is strange then that lemon is not a fundamental fruit in the home of any family.

5. Positivity and energy
Sleeping with lemon slices on your bedside table allows you to start the day with a better mood because the smell of this fruit increases serotonin production, which improves morning mood. With this simple trick, getting out of bed and starting the day with energy will not pose any problem.

6. Improve breathing
We all experienced this uncomfortable situation of having a cold and not being able to sleep because of a stuffy nose. Fortunately, you can use lemon. You just have to let the sweet smell of this antioxidant and antibacterial fruit pass through your nose to have a feeling of relaxation and to sleep like a baby.

7. Goodbye mosquitoes
Tired of mosquitoes that turn you around all night? Or maybe a mosquito buzzes for hours and hours and hides just when you turn on the light, which annoys you and does not let you sleep? This pleasant yellow fruit makes all insects that dare to approach flee. If on top of that you want to prolong and reinforce its effect, push cloves into the lemon slices.

8. Improve air quality
Better than artificial deodorizers, putting a lemon or several lemons in slices, depending on the intensity of the aroma you want, in the room purifies the air and leaves it fresh and clean.

As you can see, citrus fruits, and especially lemon, are an excellent ally and natural remedy for everyday problems and health.
Put Each Evening Two Lemon Slices Next To Your Bed