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10 Reasons Why Women Hate Their Men

10 Reasons Why Women Hate Their Men

In the life of a couple, nothing is always beautiful or always morose. While at the beginning of the relationship everything seems simple and pleasant, we are still fond of the other, curious to discover it and especially ready to love and accept it as it is. Turmoil and disorder come, over time, to disturb the relationship and to shade it; it's inevitable sometimes. The woman also has a lot of criticisms about her man.

Then start the arguments, the criticisms and the unpleasant remarks. We no longer accept certain behaviors we found cute at first, or certain words that we swallowed blindly in the past.

The woman does not escape this rule. Like the man, she abhors certain behaviors of her man that she finds hateful and unacceptable, especially when they amplify with the years of common life.

Here are the top 10 reasons why women can hate their partner

10. Breathing
Some men, when in the arms of Morpheus, do not just breathe; they inhale and exhale the air in such a strong and annoying manner that they look like bulls that expire when they fight in an arena.

9. The way out the garbage
Her way of dragging the trash for her out at night can annoy more than one woman; what he does with the lid is even more annoying.

8. The remote control, its most precious
How does he hold on to the remote control in this way. Is he afraid of being stolen? Is she as important in her life as to hold her firmly with the air of saying: Do not touch her! She's mine !

7. His way of yawning
His way of yawning without covering his mouth with the hand is indescribable. Does he really need to disguise himself as an ogre who opens his mouth wide to catch prey?

6. Sneezing
Can not he just sneeze like any normal person instead of sneezing with a scream, as if he's going to extract all the contents of his body!

5. His messaging style
Sending teenage messages to the phone is acceptable when you're 15 years old, but at 40 years old, with hair on the verge of extinction and signs of arthritis, you really look silly.

4.The toilet seat
Let's admit it ladies, a raised toilet seat is our phobia. But if it exists, it's for a reason! Yet, at each passage of the gentleman in the corner, he never thinks to turn down and over time, it has the chic to annoy us.

3. Custom Rot
After sneezing and yawning, there is the burp to top it off. In addition, rot is on order and unnatural. Why ? Can not he avoid it?

2. To dance
Dancing is nice and can even be sexy in some men but in others, the dance is simply to banish; they just are not made for that. Do not even try!

1. To grab the whole bed
Sharing a bed with another person is already difficult. But when a man takes all the space, all the blanket and reserves a tiny portion of the bed for his wife, throwing it almost overboard, it becomes intolerable, even unbearable and detestable.

Many everyday problems will intervene in the life of the couple. It is at this moment that love and compassion come into play to overcome the inconveniences of living together. The perfect attitude is not unique to the man or woman. It is, of course, important to make efforts to behave and maintain the desire within the couple, but in order for the relationship to continue, one must also know how to look beyond defects and imperfections.
10 Reasons Why Women Hate Their Men