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You Will Regret Having Lost The Girl Who Loved You

You Will Regret Having Lost The Girl Who Loved You

It would seem, and in a certain sense it is a reality, that when a man leaves his partner, in most cases, he regrets his choice some time later, realizing the importance that it had in her life and sometimes trying in vain to win her back. After a few weeks or months of separation, it is possible to have a certain click but we do not necessarily recover his ex partner as easily as we would like, in any case, not every time! Here is the typical scenario.

A love considered as acquired
She was the kind of girl running to send you an answer from her phone because she did not want you to think she was making you wait.

One day, you will wake up and realize that she will not wake up by your side and that she will probably wake up somewhere else for the rest of her life. She will decide to be with someone who has deliberately chosen to be with her every day. You'll be able to meet her a few times in the future, but that will not matter to her. She might not even notice you because she will be far too happy about the love she will have. She will look like that same girl you loved, but with a very significant difference, that of loving someone else.

She will not look at you like she did with you before. His heart will not beat so hard when you think about it. Do you know why ? Because when she discovered that you will never be ready to give her the love she gave you herself, she just chose to devote all that love to someone else. And she became infinitely happier afterwards. You will notice a confidence in her that you have never seen at home before.

And when you start to realize that she is much safer, you will feel regret. You will kick yourself for not knowing how to love her as she deserved to be loved. You will regret having lost a girl who for her part, only wanted to love you. You will also regret the convincing and unreserved way she had to love you.

She was the kind of girl who was always ready to talk about you and position you as the center of attention in your relationship. She was the kind of girl you rarely called because you did not think she was worth it so much.

The time of regrets
And then you will give in to some temptations. You will then look at your old photos and you will remember your common memories. You'll remember the good times you had with her and you'll learn to appreciate them now because you've never really made the effort to appreciate them in a timely manner. Only now will you really begin to notice all these little things she has done for you and the good of your relationship. Only now will you really be able to focus on the details. Only now will you learn how much she was yours and how stupid you were to let her go.

After the regrets, the remorse
The moments when she offered you a surprise gift to show you her attachment, will miss you. The moments when she constantly told you that she loved you to the point of not paying attention, will miss you. And in these moments of vulnerability, your feelings and emotions will literally overwhelm you. You will feel remorse at the idea of never being able to find another girl who you will love as she did. You will be sad to see that you lost a girl who deserved more than you gave her. You will regret losing the girl who loved you so much.

And now you will only have to wallow in your sadness. You will drown in your sea of regret because you will not be able to do much to recover it. She chose to go ahead and she is happy because of that.

In this scenario, you are the loser. You will have to move on, but it will be much more difficult than you would have thought. Because really, how can you do without the person who loved you in a way that no one else can reproduce? She was one of a kind. And you let her go.
You Will Regret Having Lost The Girl Who Loved You