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Do You Often See Repetitive Numbers? It Is Not A Coincidence

Do You Often See Repetitive Numbers? It Is Not A Coincidence

We often hear about the messages of the Universe but have we already paid attention? Yet sometimes, we sometimes relive certain situations or see repetitive signs each time, either in the form of numbers, words or coincidences, without really thinking or responding to these arrests. We simply ignore them, perhaps for fear of the changes they encourage us to take in our lives. The human being is always afraid to leave his comfort zone; yet the universe has many messages for us.

It can happen to us to try to find a solution to a problem that tails us; yet it is enough to be attentive to everything around us to get there: a message that goes on television or radio, someone who tells us about a fact that has a relationship with our problem, etc ... it is enough to be attentive enough and to be in the presence to decipher and decode those signs that can enlighten us.
Take the case of the clock. If you see these numbers 2:22, 3:33, 11:11, 12:12, then the Universe is trying to send you a message that is important to listen to. It is not just a coincidence but a lot of information from a spiritual and higher world.

What these numbers reveal to us

The numbers in 1

The number 1 manifests the new beginning and the concentration on the positive in order to create unity with the Universe. The number 11 is the most significant; it indicates that your cell memory should activate to remind you of a fact you do not remember. 11:11 indicates that you are in divine connection between the earthly world and the spiritual. 

This moment is very much charged with spiritual energy; you must make a vow and remain in the present moment, motionless, meditating for example, in order to feel the strength of the higher world. In making this effort you will be rewarded: you will be transported beyond the physical world to a spiritual world; you will feel the transition between the visible and the invisible and you will realize that everything is connected. You will be connected to your soul and you will find the answer to all your questions, one of which may be related to your role on this earth and how to fulfill yourself by offering your services to others. You will get divine manifestations, not always explained by words but sometimes by a succession of incredible events, which can lead to the activation of your third eye, called "chakra". It will be a new beginning during your spiritual stay in the terrestrial world that will allow you to restructure your life to achieve your goals for a real and lasting happiness.

The numbers in 2:
It is the energy of the masculine and feminine equilibrium. It's a sign that everything is fine but that you have to make a change with good action and love to balance your spiritual life.

The numbers in 3:
It is the sign of the spiritual world that you believe in and that communicates the energy of communication and joyful expression in your life.

The numbers in 4:
It's a reassuring message from your guides who support you, guide you and show you the perfect balance with a partner. They advise you to cultivate flexibility and work hard to achieve a goal that you impose limitations on.

The numbers in 5:
This is the number of change you must adopt from now on to better evolve personally and spiritually. Leave the past where it is and venture into the future.

The numbers in 6:
This number acts as a Master of truth. Through this message, the Universe asks you to relax and not worry about something about your life. You will have advice and love.

The numbers in 7:
This number marks the beginning and the end, like the 7 days of the week or the 7 days to create the world. This is the sign of luck that tells you that you are on the right track.

The numbers in 8:
It is a sign of power and abundance as well as the consciousness of the infinite. By seeing this number appear, the Universe asks you to use your power to tap into the infinite abundance that is there.

The numbers in 9:
It is a sacred number in numerology that indicates the end of the old and the beginning of renewal. It is a sign that encourages us to get back to work and avoid procrastination in order to move forward towards a better horizon, without hesitation.

With these numbers, the Universe manifests its presence, either by validating your spiritual path or by warning you of your misguidance and your distance from your true path of life.
Do You Often See Repetitive Numbers? It Is Not A Coincidence