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5 Signs That You Are Dealing With Fake Friends And You Have To Take Them Out Of Your Life

5 Signs That You Are Dealing With Fake Friends And You Have To Take Them Out Of Your Life

A fake and devilish friend is more to fear than an enemy. Because your enemies are visible and you know them well, while the false friends will hurt you and stab your back without you paying attention, thinking that they are real friends you can count on.

It's really hard to find someone you can consider a true friend. Besides, there are few people you can count on who are always there for you in all situations, who are honest, and with whom you can talk about your worries without being judged.

Sometimes it is very difficult to know if your friends are sincere and trustworthy. To differentiate the wheat from the chaff, here are signs that do not deceive and prove that you are dealing with false friends.

1. You will only hear from them when they need something from you

You will recognize that they are the kind of people who will generally act kindly when they need something from you. You can lose sight of them for a long time, but suddenly they come back and start contacting you when they need you for one thing or another. They only call you to ask for favors or services.

They will appreciate you in the moment, of course, and thank you, but then you will not hear from them for a long time until something else happens to them.

If you recognize that a certain friend only talks with you to take advantage of your time, your efforts and your money, try to keep a distance with those kind of people who only enjoy your kindness.

2. They disappear when you need them

False friends will not answer you when you need them. These people will only use your time and effort for their own sake, but they will be away when you need help. These false friends will dodge you and try to flee you like the plague by giving you groundless excuses.

3. They use you for their interests
Some friends will only contact you when they need some information that can bring them a financial or other benefit. This type of false friends is very dangerous because they could use the information they collected from you to destroy you too if they envy you for your situation or your talent.

4. They pull you down

As famed TV host Oprah Winfrey once said, "You can not be friends with someone who wants your life".

A true friend will encourage you to do positive things in life because he is proud of your success. He wants to see your smile every day. The fake friend secretly hates you. He will show you a false love and wish that you fail, and will even do what is necessary for you to fail. Instead of pursuing his own dreams, he wants yours to be destroyed. He will smile in front of you but you will stab on the back at the same time.

When you introduce the fake friend to your new boyfriend / girlfriend, he will do everything to sow seeds of doubt, telling you that the person does not fit you and that you probably deserve someone better, who has more success . Be careful !

5. Harmful behavior

False friends see just what they can get from you, and they do not care what you sacrificed for them. They make you feel as if your friendship depends on following their example. Therefore, they will start to manipulate you or control you. They make you feel bad every time you go against their will, and make you feel guilty every time you do something without including them. It's best to be friends with people who value and respect your freedom to make your own life choices.

If you tell a real friend that he said or did something that upsets you, he will apologize and try to make amends. If you say the same thing to a fake friend, he'll probably be on the defensive, lose his temper, start making lies to make you feel that you're wrong, then stop talking to you for a while, or even indefinitely.

In life, we are all brought, even once, to rub shoulders with people who are not sincere. However, thanks to our experiences we can understand people and their intentions. It suffices to follow the following rule: one must make effort only for someone who values it, and therefore, merit.
5 Signs That You Are Dealing With Fake Friends And You Have To Take Them Out Of Your Life