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10 Signs That You Are Emotionally Numb Inside And Your Childhood Is To Blame

10 Signs That You Are Emotionally Numb Inside And Your Childhood Is To Blame

Apathy is a state of emotional numbness in which one is disconnected from one's emotions and one is unable to feel anything. Neither joys nor sorrows make our hearts vibrate. This state of total indifference can have various causes, such as anxiety and depression, and it can also take root in our childhood.

Why in childhood?

When parents do not express their emotions in their relationships with their children, they do not encourage them enough to communicate their needs or intentions, it has a negative impact on them. They can therefore feel despair and loneliness. In some families, parents may even teach children that their feelings are devoid of interest or that they are a blunder! A child growing up in such an environment learns to bury his emotions, and grows up with a disability.

What is apathy?

The apathetic person has a total lack of interest and motivation to undertake anything voluntarily. She does not go out if it's not the others who train her, she is not interested in anything, does not engage in conversations.

One of the consequences of apathy for the individual is a withdrawal from social life and isolation.

Here are 10 signs of apathy that will tell you if you are suffering from this pain.

1. You do not feel happy even when a positive event occurs
There may be a lot of happy events happening to you without you feeling touched. You do not feel joy, it's as if you were disconnected from these events and you are at the same level as an outside observer.

2. You do not feel sad even in the face of negative events
It is the same for all events that can happen to you and that should cause pain, such as the death of a loved one. You know that you should feel sad, but you simply can not.

3. Sometimes the only emotion you feel, if you can feel anything, is anger
Anger and irritation are powerful emotions that overwhelm you more than others. Thus, you are divided between two states: apathy and anger.

4. You are disconnected from your emotions
When asked about how you feel, you have a hard time answering. You simply do not know what to say because it is difficult for you to identify any trace of emotion.

5. You are wondering
You often wonder what's wrong with you when everyone around you is crying with tears of sorrow or jumping for joy.

6. The exuberance of others makes you feel uncomfortable
You are often disconcerted when the people around you feel strong emotions. When you find yourself in situations where others feel something strong, it's as if you're not in your place and you just want to get away!

7. You envy people who feel strong emotions
Although such emotional outbursts, when they take place right next to you, make you feel uncomfortable, you still want to be able to feel them too.

8. "What am I doing here? "
It's like you're on autopilot. You have the impression of moving forward in life like a robot. You do not know why you do what you do, or what you have to do, and that's it. You have no reason to live, you do not know why you are there.

9. You feel more alive watching a movie than in real life
Reading books, watching shows or TV shows moves you more than it happens to you, personally.

10. You may feel empty inside
Feeling empty is the ultimate sign of an apathetic state. It's like you're missing something, but you do not know what.

How to get out of apathy?

Whether your apathy is punctual or has settled in you since childhood, there are solutions to overcome it.

Above all, you need to find your purpose, what you really want, what you are doing, why you are there.

Have a purpose in life that will guide you, motivate you and give you strength.