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3 Strange Things About The Taurus Zodiac Sign (Even If You Do Not Believe In Astrology)

3 Strange Things About The Taurus Zodiac Sign (Even If You Do Not Believe In Astrology)

The sign of Taurus proves to be one of the signs that characterize the calmest people in the zodiac, but also, paradoxically, those with a strong personality. Some will say that Taurus is slow or lazy, when others will put it forward for its effectiveness at work. But then, how to disentangle the true from the false? By discovering these myths and realities concerning the sign of Taurus!

Reliable in friendship, loyal, frank and sincere, people under the sign of Taurus accumulate qualities, advantages or defects that are part of a certain paradox. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to disentangle the true from the false concerning the personality of the sign of Taurus. To help you, here are 3 realities and 3 myths about it!


Reality 1 - The Taurus is stubborn
The sign of Taurus is endowed with great human qualities but also big defects! Indeed, it is one of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac. Whatever topic you may be discussing, he will be right and will not go out of his way. When he has an idea in mind, difficult or impossible to change his mind. This is one of its biggest weaknesses, but it can also be a bit of a strength depending on the situation.

Reality 2 - Taurus is simple
With Taurus, everything goes smoothly! He enjoys the simple things of life like cultivating his garden, snuggling on the couch in his favorite pajamas and enjoying the company of his favorite friends around a good table.

Reality 3 - Taurus can not do without affection
Taurus tends to be very affectionate and sensual in romantic relationships and feels particularly loved when a person is touching with him. It takes time to focus on someone, but when he loves, his feelings are deep and exclusive and it's the minimum he can expect from others in return.

The myths 

Myth 1 - Taurus is not very intelligent

Some will think or say that the sign of Taurus is not very intelligent or even that it may be less intelligent than other signs. It would seem that it would lack only intellectual curiosity but fill this little lack by a certain tendency to be methodical and take the necessary time in all things. Besides, it would make him much more rigorous in his tasks.

Myth 2 - Taurus is rude

Taurus has a certain tendency to be stubborn, possessive and uncompromising, hence an impression of rudeness on his part. But without relying on its reliable, patient and responsible side that eliminates, every time, this false impression.

Myth 3 - Taurus is materialistic

Taurus would show some form of materialism, always in search of comfort, sometimes even having a little stingy side. He has to possess things as well as people and money of course. In fact it simply reveals a good living, gourmet and epicurean side as everyone knows well, Taurus would give his shirt for others! And we must also say that he knows perfectly well the value of work; deserving things, knowing how to wait and working hard to get them.

Whether we speak of myths or realities, let us not forget that Taurus is ruled by Venus and therefore he loves beauty and enjoys having beautiful things around him. This land sign requires having a Cartesian mind, having some practical sense and being very careful. The qualities of this sign, if used positively, make it worthy of trust, compassionate, loyal and faithful. Renowned for having aggressive tendencies, it is undoubtedly a sign endowed with great human qualities such as generosity or sweetness.

So myth or reality? You be the judge !
3 Strange Things About The Taurus Zodiac Sign