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20 Things That Women Need To Do To Make Them Happy

20 Things That Women Need To Do To Make Them Happy

How can a man make a woman happy and fulfilled on a daily basis? Men in general are perplexed when faced with this dilemma; for them, the woman remains very complex and difficult to define. Many people think that a woman is too demanding and not easy to fill. But the reality is different ...

Here are 20 things to do for your wife regularly, which will allow you to be awesome in her eyes; it will thank you and you will return well, in addition it will make your couple last.

1. Take her in your arms
Cuddles are a mark of affection and love. Take it in your arms, as often as possible and communicate to her in a tactile and tender way, your love and your attachment.

2. She owes you nothing
After cuddling her, do not ask her to thank you in turn. Although a fulfilling sexual relationship is important in a couple, it should not become systematic after hugs. Tenderness can bring the couple even closer.

3. Bring dinner home
The daily stress that you live is also experienced by your wife. Surprise her and bring dinner home, or cook for yourself. She will admire you for that.

4. Take the children out
Sometimes she will feel overwhelmed by the multitude of her tasks. Suggest that she take the children out so that she can have a little moment of tranquility, specific to her.

5. Be a gentleman
Stay as gentleman as the first day. The past years of living together, should not erase any mark of courtesy or gallantry towards your wife.

6. Listen to her
Listen to her when she speaks to you, even if the subject does not interest you. She needs an attentive ear. She will do the same with you.

7. Give her compliments
If you really think your wife is beautiful, smart and funny, why not tell her? Show her that you admire her!

8. Be her friend too
Establish with her a bond of complicity everyday and your relationship will always be alive.

9. Invite her to go out
Just because you are married does not mean that romantic outings must be banned. Offer her a romantic outing and rekindle the flame in her eyes.

10. The romantic outing
Once you have offered your invitation, it is not necessary that it be in an expensive place. She will be delighted to be with you no matter where you bring her as long as she is romantic.

11. Give her sinful chocolate: chocolate
As funny as it may seem, chocolate is always a pleasure especially if it is crazy. So do not hesitate and fill her taste buds.

12. Let her sleep
If you see her tired and exhausted by the children, take over and give her a break by letting her sleep and rest.

13. Thank her
Know all the benefits it gives you and the whole family. Her work is worthy of a superwoman; she ensures professional, personal and family. Know how to appreciate all her actions.

14. Work as hard as she
As she works hard for her family, do the same and prove to her that you are there to protect her and her children.

15. Encourage her passions
Encourage her to do the things she loves outside of work and the services she gives to her family. Make her feel that she must have her own life and live her own passions.

16. Take an interest in her day
Take an interest in her day's activities and anticipate her needs, if possible.

17. Open your heart
Trust her, and open her heart. Do not be afraid to show your fragility, you will give her the opportunity to mother you. In addition, you will have the opportunity to communicate and get closer to her.

18. Give her your excuses
After a quarrel or a big fight, the reactions of the man and the woman are different. Men tend to move on while the woman remains attached to the object of her anger and does not detach herself from it. Excuse yourself to her and go back to zero.

19. Hold her hand
When you're in public, do not forget to hold her hand. You will show her your attachment. This will strengthen your relationship.

20. Show her respect
During a discussion, your opinions may differ. If you disagree with her opinion, respect her by listening carefully; subsequently, you are also entitled to argue yours. You will show her more respect.

It is useful to know that the success of a union goes beyond love and passion, some factors are considered necessary, as the common
20 things that women need to do to make them happy