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Everyone Should Start Sleeping Naked Tonight

Everyone Should Start Sleeping Naked Tonight

Sleeping is essential for the proper maintenance of the body and it is not just about getting enough hours per night, but also ensuring that sleep is good. In the summer, for example, some people prefer to go to bed naked because of the higher temperatures, but is this the only interest of such a habit or should we all put in it so that our body takes full advantage of our nocturnal rest?

It turns out that there are 10 benefits to be gained from sleeping by not wearing any clothes, knowing that such an announcement will no doubt be happy among the regulars of such a practice!

Good for the skin
During the day, your body is almost always locked in clothes, knowing that even in summer when we wear less, some parts of the body still struggle to breathe and take a little fresh air. This allows, in addition to the feeling of freedom, to limit the risks of certain diseases and infections such as athlete's foot for example.

Keeps cortisol under control
Cortisol is a biochemical component that needs to be managed as best as possible by the body. When the temperature is high in bed, cortisol levels tend to rise, which leads to increased stress and anxiety, as well as cravings for junk food and ultimately to weight gain, this is a very important point to take into account.

Less trouble
We have all had a bad night's sleep because of clothes that curl or twist in the wrong places making it impossible to comfort. Why put your rest at risk when you could be totally comfortable sleeping naked?

Contributes to improving relationships
If you are a couple and share the same bed, sleeping naked is just the perfect situation to initiate skin-to-skin contact. Such physical proximity helps significantly increase the amount of oxytocin produced in your brain. It's actually the neurotransmitter that helps you feel that emotional and physical connection to your partner.

Avoids the decline of male fertility
A study done by the National Institute of Child Health and Development at Stanford University found that men who slept naked had a damaged DNA level 25% lower than others. Allan Pacey, a fertility expert at the University of Sheffield, explains that constantly keeping the testicles in undergarments or tight clothes increases their temperature and therefore negatively affects sperm production.

Stimulates metabolism
Many studies have shown that sleeping naked, and therefore in a cooler environment, activates the metabolism that will try to tap into calories to maintain a stable body temperature. Something that does not happen when one sleeps in pajamas, while when one undresses one drops the temperature of the body to 36 °.

More freshness in the morning
You will probably agree that on summer mornings, many of you wake up full of sweat. A simple solution for an equally simple problem, get rid of your clothes while you sleep, you have everything to gain.

Saves you money
Surprising as it may seem, such a resolution would be able to save you money, how? Well, if you do not really need pajamas, it means that you will not need to buy any again, simple is not it?

Gives you a sense of freedom
How do you say, "freedom is priceless," and that applies perfectly to sleep, know it. As you spend your days wrapped in your clothes, the least you can do is give your body its freedom during the night and it will thank you because you will never feel so comfortable.

Boost your libido desire
Libido is without a doubt an important aspect of our life as adults. Know that if you regularly sleep naked you and your partner, there is a good chance that it gives you more often want to make love with your half!
Everyone Should Start Sleeping Naked Tonight