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Walking Barefoot Is Very Good For Health According To Studies

Walking Barefoot Is Very Good For Health According To Studies

According to the specialists of traditional Chinese medicine, the feet are a kind of second brain of our body. These contain a very large number of nerve endings, which are related to all the organs of our body. And it is for this reason that it is very important to give them special attention. Today, we will share with you the list of the benefits of barefoot walking for your health.

The connection to the earth, otherwise known as grounding, is a technique that aims to improve the state of health and well-being by walking barefoot on the ground, in order to connect the human body with the electrical energies of the surface of Earth. Proponents of this method consider that the earth is an inexhaustible source of remedies for all the ills that human beings can suffer. Recently, many scientists have been studying the topic of grounding, and the results of their research may make you frown. Discover them in this article!

Reconnection to the earth: What is it?
It was when he was sitting on the bench of a public garden in 1998 that Clinton Ober had the idea to invent the method of grounding. The latter found that all passers-by wore shoes that isolated their feet from the surface of the earth. Then suddenly, he remembered that when he was working in the electrical industry, the grounding of electrical systems was a key element in order to avoid the electrification of employees. And it is since that day that Clinton began his research in the field of grounding.

After a research journey that lasted more than a decade, Clinton finally published, in 2011, his revolutionary book entitled: Grounding: The most important discovery on health. A book in which he explains all the healing powers of the electric energies of the Earth's surface on health.

What does science say about reconnection to the earth?

After the groundbreaking discovery of Clinton Ober, several scientists looked at the study of earth reconnection, and the results of their research all confirmed the importance of grounding for improving health, and the fight against diseases.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health, and conducted by a team of researchers from the University of California, in collaboration with the research department of the Bydgoszcz Military Hospital in Poland, the reconnection to the earth would fight against many chronic diseases such as chronic stress, pain, inflammation, heart failure and a host of other diseases.

Another study published in the journal of alternative medicine, also said that grounding, could help combat the increase in blood viscosity, one of the main causes of cardiovascular disease.

How to practice the grounding?

Now, suppose that grounding has no effect on your physical health. But have you ever seen this wonderful feeling of relaxation, and deep well-being that you feel after walking barefoot for a few minutes by the sea or on the lawn of your garden? If you want to enjoy all the benefits that the earth offers us, follow these simple instructions to perform your grounding sessions in the best conditions.

1 - Prepare yourself:
Before starting your grounding session, you must be in perfect shape. So remember to sleep enough and hydrate your body by drinking a sufficient amount of water. A healthy and balanced diet will also help boost the positive effects of the earth's electrical energy.

2- Choose the place:
You can not do grounding anywhere. Polluted or overcrowded areas are not suitable for this type of activity. So remember to go to an isolated place where you will not be disturbed.

3- Control your breathing:
If you want to fully enjoy the benefits of grounding, you must learn to breathe. Inhale deeply and feel the fresh air enter your lungs, then slowly exhale and enjoy the feeling of release and relaxation provided by a good breath.

4- Keep a good posture:
Good posture is a very important element in the practice of grounding. Always stand upright, sticking your feet to the floor, and making sure all your limbs are fully relaxed.

5- Clear the void in your head:
When doing a grounding session, try to get rid of all your thoughts. Think only of the positive energies that the earth offers you and all the benefits they have on your health. This is how you can free yourself from stress.
Walking Barefoot Is Very Good For Health According To Studies