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A Woman's Headaches Were Caused By A Spider Living In Her Ear

A Woman's Headaches Were Caused By A Spider Living In Her Ear

The human being has always fed more or less founded fears. But there is one fear in particular that stands out among many others. That of spiders! Indeed, this fear that affects 3.5 to 6.1% of the French population, can be so heavy that it can even generate symptoms peculiar to this phobia. Sweat, panic, tachycardia, tremors, etc. Yet most spiders are often harmless to humans. We will all agree that the best way to defeat a fear is to confront it, but how could we react if we realized that a spider has just taken up residence in our ear?

The headaches of a woman

We are all in the majority, panicked if only at the sight of a spider. This phobia, like all others, can be in a more or less serious form. Some develop it as well at the sight of a spider like mygale, as a spider of any size. But how far could these be horrified by the mere prospect of a spider that would take up residence inside their ear?

The headaches of a woman

Terrible headaches
An Indian girl named Lekshmi, living in Karnataka, India, made the bitter and painful experience. After falling asleep in her veranda, she woke up with terrible headaches and also felt a tingling sensation in her right ear.

His first reaction was to put his finger in his ear to see if anything had entered. She even asked her daughter to take a look but she found nothing. The pain was such that she did not wait any longer to be driven to Columbia Asia Hospital in Bangalore, India.

A spider hidden in Lekshmi's ear

On arrival at the hospital, Lekshmi was terrified by what the doctor had just announced, a spider had lodged in his ear and she was still alive and well. He told him that it was common for him to receive emergency patients for the presence of foreign bodies in the ear, but that this case proved to be extremely rare.
The headaches of a woman

"When a living insect enters the human ear, the patient's anxiety makes it difficult to continue the extraction," said the doctor. "It's rare to see a living spider moving in someone's ear canal. "

Consequences of the presence of a foreign body or insect in the ear
Whether a small object or an insect that has lodged in the ear, this mishap can be very painful. It can even usually cause tissue swelling, crackling or hemorrhage. It is imperative not to attempt any extraction alone. Without medical assistance, it may cause trauma to the ear canal or eardrum. The only solution is the nearest ENT emergency room.

Manifestations and treatment of arachnophobia

Although, as Christine Rollard, a research professor at the National Museum of Natural History and a specialist in spiders "Very few people consult specifically for this", recognizes, arachnophobia can be disabling for some people. Between panic and sometimes unreasoned fear, the imagination or the mere sight of the spider generates anxiety, which alters the breathing and which in turn leads to disrupt the neuro-vegetative system. With possible consequences of dizziness, stomach upset, panic attacks, tachycardia, or even vomiting or fainting. Symptoms on which the person who is a victim, has no control.

Hypnotherapy can be very effective for phobic treatment. This treatment may help to determine the origin of arachnophobia, which will help identify the source of the fear and treat it deeply.

In any case, arachnophobic or not, you have to be incredibly strong to face the fact that a spider can choose to live in his ear! We congratulate Lekshmi for his courage.